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Psalm 94


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what about it
Replies: >>1279
>>1240 (OP) 
How's your loli board doing?
Replies: >>1244 >>1323
that board's long gone
Replies: >>1245
yeah, you got a gay/trap board instead (also I can see lolicon is still being posted on your hentai board anyway)
Replies: >>1246
you're seeing shit that's not there
Replies: >>1247
ok pedo
Replies: >>1248
point to a specific thread
Replies: >>1249
yeah, wouldn't you like for me to link that shit *here*
Replies: >>1250
so you admit that that shit isn't actually there through refusing to simply name a thread
Replies: >>1251
whatever helps you deal with your guilt, pedo
Replies: >>1252
it's a simple question of just asking you to point to where the shit you're talking about actually is on there, yet you refuse to even say the name of a thread where the pedo shit is
Replies: >>1253
It's a simple matter of no one here owes you anything, and you can fuck off with your 711chan bullshit. Go enjoy your lolis and traps, faggot.
Replies: >>1254
who the fuck was saying anything was "owed" anything, i just asked you for proof the shit you're talking about is true
Replies: >>1255
That's great for you
Replies: >>1256
you're acting like it's the way 7 is with nothing but pedophiles using it for "stealth" pizza
Replies: >>1257 >>1259
i dunno why you're defending so hard when it's not even the right domain
Replies: >>1258 >>1267
fuck, it's supposed to be .net
I'm sure you are
Replies: >>1260 >>1261
this post doesn't even fucking make sense
Replies: >>1262
how is it this hard for you to prove what you're saying is true
Replies: >>1262
Damn, that's so interesting though
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And that's all I've got to say about that.
Replies: >>1265
could have just said this from the beginning instead of basing an entire thing off a board that hasn't existed in years
Replies: >>1266 >>1268
where's the fun in that
It was safe to assume you were aware of that considering you posted it.
Replies: >>1269 >>1271
iunno, he seems pretty retarded
for the thing about the domain, being .net instead of .org, the actual 7/11 store bought the .org domain lol
Replies: >>1272
how would i know of internal drama like that
Replies: >>1273 >>1274
Yeah that part is pretty funny, I used to hang around real 711chan back in the day. A lot of chans being bought and sold by larpers right now, there was a fake weev just a couple of weeks ago even.
Fair point.
so, you don't even know what you're shilling? What are you doing here, exactly?
Replies: >>1275
difference between what you're saying and knowing about private internal drama
Replies: >>1276
>I don't know
I see
Replies: >>1277
same argument could be made against you about here for not knowing about internal drama
Replies: >>1278
I'm sure it was
Replies: >>1280
.net not .org
Replies: >>1281
who the fuck cares
Replies: >>1282
my penis
Replies: >>1283 >>1286
so, literally no one and nothing
Replies: >>1284

hey my cock is important
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>They tore me off penis
WB is heterosexual
Replies: >>1299 >>1300
preposterous slander
Proven false

WB is an unapologetic faggot and he gave Xyzzy GRIDS
Replies: >>1301
he pretty much announces it loudly three to four times a day
Replies: >>1302
I can't read
Replies: >>1303
Leave your hall and aim your best hearing ear towards the Capital of thy crumbling kingdom: An ye be of it within two thousande kilometres ye shall without fail hear his cries for manflesh at dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight.
It's strange, why do you ban pedos? They also have the right to freedom of speech, position and opinion. Or do you not know what the Constitution, freedom of speech and democracy are?
Either you don't understand the difference between government and private institutions, don't know your own constitution and what the amendments mean, can't understand the difference between freedom of speech and freedom to lust after children (which means that you should be put away somewhere where the waste goes and have your words completely ignored)

OR you're a terrible troll and should consider studying such a noble craft for a few months before attempting it on an obscure chan and coming off as a simpleton and a dilettante.
Replies: >>1307
because we dont like deviants who think Opera's shitty free VPN allows them to fuck kids
Last edited by homicide
Replies: >>1309
I don’t know about their lust, but if they don’t interfere with anyone, don’t touch, don’t kill, then let them express their opinion, position.
Replies: >>1308
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This isn't a public institution, pedoniggerjew
Ha-ha-ha) Who said anything about fucking? The idea is that you want to fuck someone.
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Pedophiles fuck kids, dumbfuck.
Replies: >>1312 >>1326
And what? I don't care!
Replies: >>1313 >>1314 >>1315
of course you don't, pedophile
Then leave, cunt. Nobody wants pedo shielding proxy fags here so you can fuck off to wherever the fuck you came from.
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Replies: >>1319
fuck off and get your own thread
I fucking love Loli hentai, I love cunny UOOOOOH


Whaaaaat!?!?!?? No fucking way admin!!!!! That is shocker indeed
Replies: >>1327 >>1328
wow hey well sorry genious not all of us ar eborn knoweing every thing u shud be more respecting and considerable
What's the matter? What shocks you?
>freedom of speech
We don’t even have troon as jannies we just have jannies that will bitch about anything, ever since 8chan there hasn’t been a Chan site where you could do whatever you want and use a vpn
Replies: >>1334 >>1335
Speaking is okay
Grooming is a call to action
Replies: >>1337
I can't believe this thread is still active.
Replies: >>1332
I’m bored as shit and saying random stuff on threads, jfl
Replies: >>1336
Trips says 711chan is gay
>where you could do whatever you want and use a vpn

There's never been an imageboard like that, for obvious reasons.

8chan, home of pedophiles, murderers and rapists. Yes that's what we need more of. Fuck out of here
how about don't
ok pedo
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