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Psalm 94


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/b/rothers and /i/nsurgents, we are having an Administration Crisis over at 7chan.org, the original altchan we all went to when Anonymous first declared sovereignty.

We recently attempted to clean house, and have the pedo lolicon /cake/ board shut down, and the pedophiles on the 7chan staff had us all stripped of our powers and banned.

Many people over the years begged us to take that board down, and we tried. Now they are doubling down shamelessly posting CP and deleting any mentions of the CP crackdown.

As they will not stop their quest to protect pedophiles under the Anonymous banner, the rest of the chans must now come together to cleanse 7chan.org with fire, for the lulz, in order to protect our Holy Name.

we live in a twilight world
are there any friends left at dusk?
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>>1043 (OP) 
7channers should fix 7chan instead of looking for persona armies, but that's just my opinion
Replies: >>1045
we're trying to, but we're running into some serious Structural Inertia
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Replies: >>1047
you people are literally fighting the same enemies here, this Problem goes far beyond 7chan and encompasses all of our boards and you know it.
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You rang? I'd be happy to help. This is going on everywhere, not just 7chan. It is quite a sad state of affairs, 7chan was the chan I went to right after the Chin Chan raids of 2005/2006 and the software 94chan originally used was Kusaba X. I agree with you that something needs done and I'm also unfortunately very aware of the problem. Most imageboards these days are unsafe but I promise this place never will be nor will we ever contribute to this hilariously sad and grotesque monopoly going on. 

Here you go, anon. See how bad it truly is.
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I know that, but as you said yourself: We're already struggling here: What makes you think we can go and solve your problems on top of that?
Replies: >>1050 >>1051
god damnit tee

the problem with whoever is running 7chan rn (I assume still Saz, which means Ponbiki and CoreDuo doing all the work)  sees the boards as a whole as "aint broke dont fix" situation

Also, Lolicon is illegal in California but illegal federally, unless someone goes and sets a really gay precedent, so that argument sorta john denvers itself before it even gets to pre-launch.

If they don't care, that sucks. I look back on the ~4 years I spent as a mod pretty fondly, but the reaction you received is basically what I got last time I told them to unfuck themselves.

>us all stripped of our powers and banned
anyone I know?

a little solidarity goes a long way
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I wrote the Declaration that sent everyone there for /b/day in 2006, and it rips me apart inside to see they have taken this Liberty I gave them, without any charge, and use it to distribute CP.

Thanks for your support, it means a lot.

As this problem is, as said before, a community-wide problem, then shared intelligence benefits all.
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It's my pleasure. Feel free to reach out offsite if you'd like, I won't share what I know here but I do highly recommend that thread I linked. It explains a lot.
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also they need to put the mario css back on /fur/
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Rise up.
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I'm still going through that thread, and while its a lot of specific events I've missed, a lot of the tactics are things I've observed on multiple *chans ever since I got dragged back into this against my will.

where should I get ahold of you at to exchange Signal info?
Replies: >>1057 >>1058
I have discord or telegram, I prefer telegram.
discord: IHM#1337
telegram: @tetrachromat
>ever since I got dragged back into this against my will.

Replies: >>1059
shit they didn't tell us in 2005: it's just like Hotel California
Replies: >>1062
I have yet to see a lovely face
he's right tho, "pedophilia" is a mental disorder not a crime, if you act on it then your action will be a crime
same reason being a schizophrenic is not a crime

also you can abuse children and not be a pedophile or attracted to children per se
Replies: >>1064
it is not Anonymous' responsibility to harbor toxic insulated crab traps that exist solely to promote and encourage pedophilic behavior. their sheer existence on any imageboard is a *MAJOR* liability that *NOBODY* needs.

<capn> lmao
<capn> listen
<capn> y'all can either delete /cake/
<ponbiki> delete capn
<capn> or 7chan will be on the recieving end of the biggest operation anonymous has ever launched
<ponbiki> oh nyooo
<capn> you can either protect pedophiles, or have peace
<capn> good day
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He'd probably care more about channel7 being fucked with. In all honesty, I didn't know people even still used 7chan actively.
Replies: >>1067
it's mostly CP distributors now

we had a whole thing set up to channel all the wayward Anons from 420chan back to their original home on 7chan, but there was hesitation over all the CP. we had a whole thing set up for 7chan to cleanly eject /cake/ and embrace saner moderation policies. people were already starting to come back and activity was kicking back up. however, the pedos there would rather hold the domain hostage to be an under-the-radar CP distribution network. (which it does in private boards like /vip/)

my wayward child has gone beyond the point of no return, and like Carthage, must be Destroyed.
Replies: >>1068
Fucking shame. Burn it down.

This is the 2nd time I've seen 7chan's admins handwave this sort of shit. The last one was when tee made P2Pchan and I was like "won't this just result in everyone having cp on their machine" during the beta

I scrubbed it off my pc before it went public, but you can probably guess why it shut down soon after.
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Replies: >>1069
I missed P2Pchan but yeah that sounds like a terrible idea.

they ejected /i/, who basically made 7chan what it was, and chased off everyone else that remained after. the less people there for what they're doing, the better for them I guess.
one thing worth pointing out: "Allegedly" some AI thing is tied into their moderation system.

if it's real, we don't need to be training it, so its existence needs to be confirmed and sabotaged at the earliest possible opportunity.
Replies: >>1071
they couldn't even figure out how to get Weeabot to post on the boards, I'm gonna sus this one pretty hard

no offense
Replies: >>1072
it didn't seem plausible considering how little work anyone puts into that side outside of sharing cp and lolicon with each other

but just in case, it's a question I would like concretely answered at one point.
I was shown a screenshot that I will not post here because it is illegal content that people are using names of staff here to post porn and advertising the return of 420chan.
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I wish to make it spectacularly clear that the administration of 94chan does not condone nor endorse any website that has or is currently part of the ongoing pedophile problem that plagues this side of the internet. We aren't affiliated with any other website, we stand alone and I personally have worked tirelessly to clean these spaces up. I'd also like to make it clear that we do not condone nor endorse illegal activity in any capacity.

That being said, I encourage you all to have a look at this thread for a better understanding of what's going on everywhere:
which subforum is it in, I'll find it myself
7chan and 4chan always had lolicon on its site. Why are you suddenly making this an issue when you browsed this place after /b/-Day?

Good god this is petty as fuck.
Replies: >>1078 >>1079 >>1139
Suddenly? Way to oust yourself, pedo
Replies: >>1080
Replies: >>1080
ok then
my mission during /b/day was to make the furfags and lolicon fans fight each other

I was doing WORK
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Replies: >>1141 >>1142
quality shitpost, godspeed anon
can someone translate this? I can't read retardese
Replies: >>1143 >>1166
It's english fuckface go mod your board and shut the fuck up if you don't have shit to add
Replies: >>1144
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Replies: >>1169
Checked. Ban lifted.
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Replies: >>1188
I love that song
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>>1043 (OP) 
>real CP on 7chan
Replies: >>1198
some of us think you shouldn't fuck kids bro
Replies: >>1209
>some of us think you shouldn't fuck kids bro
More and more people have been saying this!
who cares 7chan has like five users
Replies: >>1381
you have like five users
m00t was right to kick these pedos out.
i've hated 7chan and their degeneracy for a long time. they actually had a beastiality board (/be/) until 2015.
we raided them on the 'party last summer and wiped their /fag/ and /cd/ boards. we wiped /cake/ too but of course the sick fucks had a backup for that board in particular.
between their unfunny oldfagism (which is also why 94chan sucks) and their sick perversions i'm not sure which is gayer.
Replies: >>1403 >>1404
damn bro I'm sorry that posting old memes is oldfagism maybe y'all should stop being triggered teenagers
Replies: >>1405
baww did he trigger your autism
Replies: >>1406 >>1407
Looks like I triggered yours
what is this 2016 you unfunny oldfagist
Replies: >>1408
ikr isn't it hip now to be a feely in touch emo fagtard who obsesses about pronouns and posts cp
Replies: >>1409
well some imageboards ARE stuck in 2016 after all. Frequented by the sort of "people" who post wojaks
Replies: >>1410
no bro its different they're making fun of like reddit or something
Replies: >>1411
Ooooooh, it's """"ironic"""", gotcha gotcha
Replies: >>1412
do you happen to have an archive of every single LOL FUNNY RAGEFAEC from back in the day
Replies: >>1413
I hated ragecomic back in 2010 and I hate them even more now that people are bringing them back because nostalgia is all my sad wreck of a generation has to pass on to cultural history
Replies: >>1414
meh fair i can probably find em all on ED anyway
Replies: >>1415
or 9gag/ifunny/facebook "meme groups" (frightful Jesus but I hated typing that)
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