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i am bad at fps games, but i like playing them. bad as in ur girlfriend could prolly kick my ass in a 1v1 fps session.

i own both cs1.6 and cs:s but im not sure which one i should install and play. 

i prefer tdm style online multiplayer. 

my potato laptop cant run cs:go/cs2 so thats off the table.

picrel is said potato faptop
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>>381 (OP) 
why can't you post like a non-brain-damaged grownup?
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>>381 (OP) 
why are you using windows

wait are you using windows?
that might be part of the problem. You should install a linux os, much lighter.
also source. never heard of cs 1.6
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i am using windows because i often do cad and i got sick of fucking with troonix and dealing with shit constantly being broken.
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and what is wrong with my post, mr.hypercritical? 

nothing is wrong with it, take the stick out of ur ass
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This subreddit is about video games; Linux has less video games than PS3

>>381 (OP) 
Realistically the only difference is the engine, I prefer Source because that's what I started on (and I have my micspam set up already)

Since you're doing this in literally every new thread can you please make sure to contribute while you're being miserable thanks
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very valid excuse. I had to make a virtual box because of that, it isn't the best thing.
what else do you want to play other than Minecraft?
real vidya doesn't exist anymore anyway. buy a 3ds if you actually want to play games.
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i have a 3ds emulator already.
i used to setup pci passthrough on a qemu win10 vm with Ubuntu host, could use my gpu for the vm and the igpu for linux.....

this laptop only has a igpu, nothing else
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