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Psalm 94

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Obscure games you played as a child
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>>157 (OP) 

Nice topic, I can share games all day.
I'll begin with something weird i found in my childhood home the other day
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>>157 (OP) 
Also this 

Life was good and simple
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The problem with "obscure" is how many people know of it now compared to then and will debate the shit out of it
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sega genesis is still the best
>>157 (OP) 
This website has a shitload of old video games from late 70s to early 2000/s
I suppose I should've just said childhood games as most tend to be obscure anyway
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My parents got me a second hand Amiga, I can go hard on obscurity.
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i played my mom's old 500 when she got a 2000

i used to go to abandonware in the 2000s lmao
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Nice, any fond memories?
I remember a game where you had to fight over a parachute but don't remember what it was called.
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oh god too many to list

any psygnosis game
pinball dreams, by Digital Illusions
Civilization & SimCity

tbh you dont even need to play half the games if theres a sound test
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>any psygnosis game
>if theres a sound test
Based Matt Furniss enjoyer.
Riddle of the Sphinx on the Atari 2600. I don't have a fucking clue what was going on, but I think I got to the end.
I've played so many obscure games that it's hard to list.

I was a beta tester for a game called "Jumpman Zero," which was a homage to the game "Jumpman." That was pretty cool. I think you can still find it on the Internet, too.
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