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internet went down for a while and got into this game. loving the music, graphics/art and how fast paced the movement is but basically Square was better when they knew less about western culture. side quests are bullshit. this song is definitely getting ingrained in the back of my mind.
have not played automata but probably will after.
i been looking for a beat em up but shit like Bayonetta is extra af so I've been leery of even looking into this tbh
DLC dungeon is the best part of this gameplay wise. automata has better gameplay but slightly less charm, guess I prefer the environment/music of Replicant. still, i see why automata gets so much hype now, beatemup ground combat and aerial bullet hell shit. there's also a dark souls type feature where you have to get your shit back from your dead body or lose it. wanna see where it all started and play drakengard? good fucking luck. don't understand why it's so hard to emulate. the company Cavia made a Bayonetta knock-off that failed miserably called Bullet Witch which looks interesting.
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