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Psalm 94

programming advice here? looking to write slopes differently in games....
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and then the camera not clipping in virtuoso 3do?
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what engine are you even working with
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>>105 i have alot of options. either way just need to know the concept so i can do it in any language

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discuss space warcrimes here
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Im gonna fucking say it, you know im gonna fucking say battletoads and gay niggers in outer space
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maybe I should make a battleship variant next time I obtain one and name it after Battletoads
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Yes, post results
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Has anyone here played it, or anything else by Kremlingames (e.g. Ostalgie, China: Mao's Legacy, etc)? What do you think of it?

Pic unrelated
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>>85 (OP) 
Send pics op

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How do i make my video game art satisfying? I have been doing for ages but it does not sell or improov as much 

I want to be as good as pros but copying id not allowed so i dunno how to produce nicely

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Who's playing?

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GTA V is currently down because Take 2 wants to promote the GTA trilogy, all of which are offline games
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hot take I like the trilogy. Playing it on Xbox Series X

u mad?
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kek you really dont like human contact you incel fuck
i liked them when they came out the first time
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PC or console? I play on PC as its thr superior choice, emulators are fine too. However, the best consoles are sega genesis and PS2. Discuss.
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>>67 (OP) 
I stick to PC gaming but I do like having an older console too. Always kept a PS2 in my room up until 2015.
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PC for open world games, need them mods

Console is good for everything else. Open world games on console miss out on a lot of good stuff. But fortunately Microsoft allows mods for its games. So fuck Sony.
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dunno, I'd prefer not having shitty shovelware paid mods all over the place.

then again, Sony does have a bit of a complex when it comes to how much control they want over software. That's the reason the console ports of 7 Days to Die got fucked so bad (and probably will remain so for eternity)
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If you're a poorfag then yeah the paid mods is a bitch, but hey, let us who have the money for it enjoy.

Like I said before PC is always go to for open world games because there's bound to be a mod community and competitive play is easiest/cheap since you're paying for internet anyway

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A sword is an extension of your penis. Just like your car.
my sword can't do 45 in 1st gear

i have gamepass and played BFV but it had women and blacks and wasnt historicall acurryate.


what game do i play now anon
counter argument: shoot the women

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Who'd you nominate for game of the year? I nominated cuck simulator.
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Your mom
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My dad
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I fucked and cucked them both on CUCK SIMULATOR

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