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this game is fucking god awful.

1. its clunky as hell. i struggle pulling my weapons out while im playing, and when i use heals from the satchel it puts my gun back up and i pretty much lose half my health again getting it back out.

2. the wanted system is gay as fuck. ill put my bandana on during missions and itll get removed, or it just doesnt work and i have a fucking 100 dollar bounty.

3. the offhand holster. at somepoint in the game it forces the offhand holster upon you. like WHY? its not ever there on cutscenes. why the fuck wouldnt you allow it to be removed?
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>>124 (OP) 
Are you hating it for real. Or is it legit complaints?
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still waiting on the GUN remaster... one day...
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I'd be okay with a new Timesplitters, since there's pretty much a 100% chance of a western level

That or the fucking System Shock remake to come out sometime before I die
The story and characters are pretty nice, but it's glitchy

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Games you played that you know are shitty, but still love to play them.
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Shadow the Hedgehog
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Resident Evil 0. It was one of the first games that I played for the Gamecube way back when and was blown away by the visuals at the time. I still have fond feelings for it.
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What's the worst game you ever wasted money on?

For me it was Lester the Unlikely. Fuck that fucking game.
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Duke Nukem Forever, because fuck I wanted to see how it is and it was BAD.
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when i touched the dookie my thoughts were voiced by the Duke himself
in order of most recent to least recent, here's things I bought on steam that I didn't enjoy
>Metal Gear Rising
$7.49, control scheme was painful to use
>Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II
$7.39, was onsale but dear god units were extremely unresponsive to the point where I failed the fucking tutorial because of it
>Wizardry 8
$4.99, didn't run properly on my computer that's about 15 years newer than that game
>Arma 3
$39.99, runs like absolute shit and the control scheme is too messy for me to have fun.
>Lego Worlds
$14.99, felt really bland and repetitive
and a bunch of stuff from further down I couldn't be bothered to list, a lot of these bad purchases were refunded
Catwoman for ps2

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Does anyone have any Xbox 360 games/system they'd be willing to give to a complete fucking stranger online?
If I had them I would, I play everything on Xenia these days.

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made a vidya game test

originally just gonna share with frens but here we go i guess

feedback would be good


If anyone else still plays this game via pc, add Derpcakexx to your rockstar acc and I'll either send griefers to another dimension or mod you cool cars.
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Can you remove all my weapons permanently? I hate having to scroll through 100 pistols to get to THAT pistol (ap of course)
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just put em in the gun safe, you silly sausage
Anyone reinstalling this? Summer dlc looks fun unlike the NiggerWinter dlc.
Replies: >>119

went to play the other day, forgot i removed it to make room for shit. might end up seeing what there is to see.

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/Pokeman/ general.

Who's getting the new DP remakes??

Make a trainer card and post it
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i herd u liek mudkipz
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We need some Pokemon Showdown Teams
i'm intrigued and concerned by this idea because i fuckin love pokemans but i don't like competitive shitshows
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wait when did the thing become a game boy it was a computer before

the boards are gaslighting me
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for the 3 or so mudkips who haven't quit ROBLOX due to it being an unimaginative shithole that only appeals to the lowest common denominator since 2015
>unironically playing roblox ever

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God of War is coming to STEAM!
Replies: >>40
>>39 (OP) 
is coming to yo ass
Replies: >>109

programming advice here? looking to write slopes differently in games....
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and then the camera not clipping in virtuoso 3do?
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what engine are you even working with
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>>105 i have alot of options. either way just need to know the concept so i can do it in any language

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