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Psalm 94

1. No asking for drugs, soliciting drugs, discussion of sources for drugs or the sources for equipment and supplies to make drugs, or in general any discussion of buying or selling drugs in any way shape or form.
2. Do not encourage reckless or careless use/abuse of any substance.
3. Feel free to ask questions about whether something is harmful. We are here to minimize harm.
4. Be excellent to each other. We're all just trying to have a good time.

Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, just people relaying our own experiences, so please do your research before following any advice on this forum and when in doubt, seek a medical professional.

Do your research

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What are your thoughts on HHC?
Ive taken edibles of it a few times, compared to regular THC edibles they made me more sick but still hit pretty hard, plus the edibles at least completely legal in my state even under 21
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HHC is pretty nice. My favorite stuff is this:

These are hemp derivative.
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>>496 (OP) 

HHC is essentially K2, not exactly safe and completely unregulated. If Delta 8 doesn't do it for you, I'd go with TH0, which is actually hemp derived, as strong or stronger than Delta 9 depending on the strain and quality of the hemp, and doesn't show up on a drug screening.
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I've never heard of that, HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid and I found the high to be pretty calming.
Hm, interesting. Didn't know they could synthesize it. Useful info!

Also, yes I said that months ago on this same board. I haven't passed out, thrown up, or shit my pants yet, either.
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