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Do your research

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ITT: Weird trips you had, difficult experiences and occurrences involving voids

>be me, take a lot of a certain chemical which I will leave unnamed for the time being
>Slip into a vortex, am at home alone and the shades are closed, everything becomes darker and wavier
>Realize I am now hearing things as well, and my ears are radio tuned to a certain frequency I cannot describe as being from this planet but likely from a source floating in Earth's orbit
>The frequency is feeding me information about coding and framework of human dna, neurological patterns, string theory, et cetera
>Judeo-Christian deity enters my aura and begins replaying memories of my triumphs and tribulations throughout life, I feel a mixture of guilt and pride as well as humility.
>Can barely move correctly, muscles are contracting and I often slip when I try to stand. I cannot remain on my couch, because when I had before it was "absorbing" me and I didn't want to die there
>Have frequent thoughts about having aneurysm, constantly praying my head won't pop like a balloon at any given moment
>Eventually I can find my way to a bed and I have some more hallucinations which I can only describe as waking nightmares. In many of these, I am being ridiculed by other entities.
>Eventually sober up and promise myself I will never get high again but I know I will

And so life goes on. Pic not really related but perhaps maybe so
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>>103 (OP) 
I'm gonna assume whatever you did was some synth shit since real psychadelics don't cause auditory hallucinations so strongly like your's.

I get that same visualization of a brain aneurism but when I smoke weed. Not only do I visualize it but can physically feel that affect.

I had a similar instance with 25-NBOMe that I was told was real LSD. Very apparent visual hallucinations, like I was seeing str8 up swastikas. My eyes and mouth are open almost the whole time, and I don't shut the fuck up for 8 hours.

Don't do synth shit, kids. Its ain't worth it
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Spoilers: it was a dissociative analog
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