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two swedes saying the N-word at each other

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Psalm 94

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I've been lurking around the alt chans, looking for a decent refuge.
This /pol/ is slow but breddy gud.
But dudes, and dudetes, you need to reply more, to get the convo going.
It doesnt matter if there's only two ID's talking.
You got to start somewhere.
The main problem the posters on this board has is fear of talking in an echo chamber, and replying without being a smart-ass or smart enough.

I'm rooting for you guys, because from what I've seen, you guys are at the top of the heap, as far as I can see, by my standards.
So can we please make this happening?
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>>919 (OP) 
Appreciate the compliments. There's usually more than a couple of posters, if you're going by the unique users on the front page when you see the boards list those change hourly rather than daily. But yes, we're trying to make it happen and we'd love to have you.
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Appreciated, have a nice day 94Moot!
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brb soup lmao
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>brb soup lmao
Soup aint bad.
I often buy soup when on sale, mix it with 50-70% of water recommended.
Cook it up with thin pre-fried sausage slices, chopped Onions, Garlic, Broccoli, + Can/s of Beans, and Spaghetti/macaroni etc.
In an unholy mix, seasoned as needed.

LoL, I hope this is a joke, if not, I stepped into a wormhole.
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lmao ancient jokes from ancient times, that's our whole goal here. We ran from 2008-2012 originally and are a couple of married irl oldfags clinging to the golden age. I'm happy as shit to know that out of all the altchans, you came here. Because this site has been my baby since I was 18.
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>ancient times
It's weird, feeling old on the internet.
Even this chan site's UI is ancient for most, not to mention the zoomers who only know how to punch in their credit card info and download apps on their iPads when accessing content.
>Torrents, what are those?
To put it somewhat hyperbolically.

I'm glad to be here, and glad I found you.
Let's try to muster up some hi jinxes and gorsh darnit kick some zoomer ass, Yieeeeeehaaawww!
(I'm kinda trying to build hype, kinda gay, I know, AAAHHHHH! (OK, I'll stop..)
Sorry, shit posting got the best of me.
Will not repeat.
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Dude it's an imageboard, the code is basically a giant shitpost (mostly cause it's written in nodejs but it's the best software i found out there)
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So I should not fear bans?
Yeye, but the simplicity is what we(at least I) love.

Can we have RAIDS?
I miss raids!
Do you do them?
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The only bannable content is degenerate coomer shit like porn, tranny sympathizing, animal abuse, furries, or things that make the glowniggers come around. 

We absolutely do raids, that's what >>>/i/ is. I was considering a cow board for things like that but /i/ has always been the place for that and is one of my favorite boards.
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USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST More like homocide amiright lol

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I think I love you, no homo.
I might look around for lulz to be had. (sorry, I couldn't muster saying it any more stereotypical)
Let's make raids great again!
Just five people with potentially 2x-5x accounts can wreak havoc in the right circumstances.
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If you're into chat platforms, you'd love my discord channel for the /i/ board. It has my complete Kirtaner collection.
I dumped some of it there, he got his shit pushed in for fucking with the truckers. More work to be done though!
Replies: >>937 >>938
Post it, I'll make a discord account(holy shit what am I doing), out of interest.
I might have some skills/views to contribute with.
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Akshually, why would I need a discunt, when we got this board?
Fuck, I feel like a reeetard.
And so should you, unless you were fucking with me..
I'm just so sick of having no raids, not even the little funny and cute ones.
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It's easier keeping my kirt stuff on there and here's why. Yes hello, INTP brain here bringing you an entire encyclopedia. Maybe I'll get around to dumping more in his thread just for the fuck of it.
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We also have Telegram (weird place) and IRC (empty ghost town and I have to fix services), and the servers are all bridged via a chatbot so you can take your pick if you choose to.
Replies: >>941
I already got telegram for war kino.
So it would be preferred.
Or are you just fucking with me?
Replies: >>942
Nah no fuckin. Link is on the frontpage or in the bottom of every page, at least until I update the server and have to edit the footer again.

I should make a custom page for that, I think.
Replies: >>943
>Link is on the frontpage or in the bottom of every page, at least until I update the server and have to edit the footer again.

Thanks, now I feel like a double retard.
But on the other hand, why keep it up?
Why not direct all the chatter here?
It serves the same purpose, but in argumentably in a better format.
Replies: >>944
>why keep it up

if it were up to me, I'd only have the IRC tbh. I'm not a huge fan of zoomer chat protocols outside of my control (eg discord/telegram) that impose their own restrictions on our userbase.

But it is nice to come hang out and chat sometimes,  if you're into that sort of "social interaction with a living being probably" mind of thing. Plus we have staff who don't like one client or the other for whatever reason so it helps to keep everyone accessible

Plus I'm lazy and stuck on mobile half the time like some 3rd worlder so it's more or less easy
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>why keep it up
>if it were up to me, I'd only have the IRC tbh
This got to be some kind of internal joke I'm not getting.
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nope, i just enjoy multiplayer notepad and nobody but me decides the rules. For instance, I once got banned from Discord for telling someone that their linked skype account made it really easy for people to find out what state he lived in and he cried that I doxxed him.
Replies: >>949 >>950
Can you post IRC info?
I joined your telegram and asked the same, but it's slow..
Also, why is it so hard to post a new thread on /b/?
I think I figured out your captcha.. but I am denied posting new threads, potentially tarded..(I clicked the corresponding filled ones..)
Replies: >>951

Oh sorry, we were getting flooded with scat so I locked /b/ down and forgot to undo it before going to bed.  irc info is in the latest news post.
Replies: >>952
And yeah the captcha is a bitch and a half, lol
>>919 (OP) 
Hey frens. I sometimes forget about these alts. Youre right OP I should reply more. Im cutrent on a 3 day at a lesser chan for calling who i assume is a jannie a pedo/groomer. All the disney threads recently. Turns out i hit a nerve and the reason given was replying to a pedo thread. Fucking makes me mad. I have always tried to help curb the degeneracy and now these cunts think theyre funny. Can not be bothered to hit the IRC so I vented ITT.  I hate the antichrist.
Replies: >>1169
that's alright, the IRC server is having issues at the moment anyway but there's always the tg or discord as well

edit: irc is fix lul
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>>919 (OP) 
Hvem faen er du?
how do i eat ass
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