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Reminder: We are not a billboard for your autistic crusades.

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I'm putting together a team.

Help me take down the world government by contributing to my hipster tech start-up.

In this thread, I'll earn the support of every non-bot and shill through the employment of facts and logic.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take down the zog. Throw your weight behind this project and we can begin winning for once. At the very least, we'll succeed in creating a platform for communication that isn't total garbage.
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blackness is greatness
>>83 (OP) 

also gay as shit
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Now I defend my plan of action, as promised.

Tell me why you think it's gay and I'll thoroughly deconstruct your attempt at intellectualizing. Or remain at the level of a femoid and make another passive-aggressive, all-lowercase shitpost.
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I like your plan, anon. Stay ambitious. Get shit done. Fuck the pro-censorship California killjoys.
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Thanks, and thanks for the input. I'm going to make some calls to local millionaires tomorrow.
What will you do when you realize a femoid has run this chan since its inception in 2008?
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Here's the thing: I don't care.
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What does OP have against femoids? I thought this was about the throttling shit we have to deal with now on our internet because no neutrality.
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Disregard this I'm stupid. I reread the reply and saw "level of a femoid"
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still a valid question tho
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Holy shit! Internet Hate Machine? I remember trolling you on youtube circa 2010. Good times. Are you still a whale?

And who the fuck are you?

they smel like fishe >:^)
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA get the fuck on Discord, who is this? 
is my husband
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Lmao 🥖
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I have no interest in getting on an israeli datamining app and having my bio-intellectual property clonefarmed so that some fat spook bitch and her vocoder can use it later on in some gay op. There are plenty of clips of my voice floating around on the internet, but you've likely never heard it, and don't know me. I sound like Seth Rogan crossed with Mike Enoch.

Anyway, you have no reason to want to help me. But if you did, it would be very lulzy, and I imagine some nefarious organization of fat women working for the chairforce might be able to utilize my mission for some purpose of their own. Perhaps you can try to co-opt my platform for some far-right neonazi organization as proof that whites should not have freedom of speech and should be put in some kind of work camp--I don't know. "Ed Bowers used far-right platform calling itself 'the Cybernet' before his rampage..."

What you decide to do with my idea is up to you and your handlers. I'm merely saying it would be funny and interesting. 

The Nick Fuentes jewtube alternative sucks, as does whatever the fuck it is Mike Lindell made (some kind of blog?) I'm far more interesting than Andrew Torba. Once this gains traction I'm basically going to become a horrorcow of the highest order. So if you know people who donate to "alt-right" streamers, tell them to use my tax dollars to fund my start-up.
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Hit me up on telegram then you glorious bastard. I want to reconnect at the very least, that'd amuse me most. Especially with the Taekesi shit. So don't be an, utter, sneezy weepy, dumbfuck, and add me, on, telegram. I look forward to it.
Io https://vocaroo.com/1lb0RVczKFaR Io
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i2p is trash
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