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Psalm 94

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i like 94chan and 4chan 
what about u guys
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94chan >
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>>5635 (OP) 
indeed a very political topic
4chan hasn't been worth posting on since 2005
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Amen to that.
some of the more specific boards were still good up to the early '10s, until ironically they were invaded and permanently settled in by /pol/
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4chan was never good.
Replies: >>5642

I mean no chan was ever "good"
>>5635 (OP) 
/pol/ and /c/ were my favorite boards on 4chan but i liked /pol/ better but then everyone found out about 4chan and normies got to pol making troons get to the board i always see retarded posts like israeli general. i used the site from 2004 - 2020 and its sad seeing a site i used for so long go to absolute shit because of kikes and their news channels.
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You thought 4chan was usable past 2009?
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back then it was but Hiromoot hires troon jannies so the site is fucking useless and 8chan is dead. only site that there is left is 94chan, vpns are allowed thats my favorite part.
 4cuck is pozzed and not worth using.
what even happens on this site? ive been here since the rebirth and i still dont know 
whats going on. i know yall hate kirt and that faggot blob monster in a wheel chair. also IHM is a chubbiee mommy that i would milk. 

what are your thoughts on soyjack.party? IHM?
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> ive been here since the rebirth 
>what are your thoughts on soyjack.party?
>i still dont know 
whats going on
That sounds like a personal problem
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this must be the fat bitches jobless faggot boy toy. 
did you leave the house for government gibs? yall are niggers kek.
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Your matrix server is where I went.
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lol torfag
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Wait, how do you both have the same posting id
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ew can you do that in private
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No. Being gae in public is encouraged in the Quran and Sunnah. So it’s based.
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you're rarted and farded
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"Would you fuck me 789chan?"

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consider suicide today
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kill in console doesn't work
give me drugs to overdose so I can fade into obscurity once and for all
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look for something sharp you coward
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wrong image ffs

is this sharp enough?
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sudo apt get install gun --self
Ever give a hedgehog a bath with no gloves on? It'd be like grabbing that. Shit hurts!

It’s true tho. The gay intercourse has to be done before the pedo rape can begin.
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can you post it a 36th time? Didn't quite catch it the previous 35
Replies: >>5752

In a row?
Replies: >>5753
ya, I was too astounded at how someone managed to post the same thing 35 times in a row to properly take it in. But having read the post in question again I understand it wasn't worth posting even once so it's ok
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