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Psalm 94

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A “transgirl from Brazil” is selling hormone drugs online occasionally delivered in packaging that says “keep out of reach of parents.”
“I had lots of problems with my therapy and saw that lots of other transgirls had the same problems with accessing high quality HRT [hormone replacement therapy], specifically because of the high price in most countries,” Oktokonoko Pharmaceuticals CEO Lilian wrote. “So, I decided to make accessible hormones to help those that fight against dysphoria in their everyday lives.”
Photos posted on Twitter reportedly show the hormone drug packaged in a box that says in bold lettering: “keep out of reach of parents” and “don’t look at my giant girld**k.”
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Daily reminders that troons are menace to society and should not be given any mercy
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I can't wait for that percentage to keep rising
And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power.
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Another reason to send troons to Magadan
Hopefully it's laced with fent
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now how do we troll this
also, what /i/ cliches should we use when the inevitably gets its own thread
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Fully grown adult but retarded, mental age that fits within their criteria. Waste a shitload of their time, obviously.
Replies: >>1614
i support your plan
i am 100% in favour of sterilizing the mentally ill. let the trans shit continue unabated.
Combine both, no not actually lacing them with fent, but spreading realistic information that says it is to scare people so it loses business
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>>554 (OP) 
Friendly reminder you can get banned off 4chan for hecking racism.
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that's some nigger shit
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>>554 (OP) 
>Hey kids wanna vape some anime hormones and cut your fucking tits off?
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better than Vito Gesualdi vaping Belle Delphine's bath water

fucking zippertits go back to Africa
fucking zippertits.
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I want someone to find a way to fuck a pair of zippertits, only for science
Replies: >>1691
spare us the pictures if you report back on that
Replies: >>1692

not me, fuck that, I just want to know if it's possible
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Tango down

Last edited by homicide
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>>554 (OP) 
That's so based, God damn
what's based about brainwashing children?

I hope you have a child and it gets brainwashed into being a retarded troon and then 41%'s itself just out of spite because of how fucking retarded you are
How does it feel knowing that the only thing you will ever succeed at is suicide?
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Fake based gender bender altering hormones smh
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Did you really just post a soyjak?
I am disappoint.
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Forgive me, for I have sinned. Maybe this will be better.
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This actually hits harder because so many of them are weeb incels.
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You will all transition within a couple of years, don't worry.
i hope you die in a fire you mental sex pest
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did this whole kiwi shit attract trannys here?
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Nah, I found it on a huge compilation of imageboards on the net and this one happened to be gay enough to comment on. Reminder that repressing now won't save you from transitioning later. Don't become a hon, hun.
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As a woman, the very thing you will never be, i wish you a very and 41%
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Just know that you'll be in hell getting tortured for all eternity you stupid piece of shit
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>Implying anybody in their right mind would bareback an imageboard
Silly AND gay. Nice combo there, partner.
Replies: >>1799
Nice server in Toronto, faggot. Already hit them up on Twitter about it. Cope, seethe, dilate :^)
Replies: >>1801
Someone has clearly been groomed from early childhood and onwards. Was it your transexual uncle Wilhelmina?
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>Server in Toronto
It's in Singapore LMAO I have no clue why it registers as canoot. Good job lying, though, but you should stick to your day job. Enjoy some non tranime this time.
Replies: >>1805
Maybe you should lie more about being raided by feds you insufferable moosefucker
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You're such an archetypal attention whore lol. Never in my life have I met such a gay board run by such a big tranny.
Replies: >>1807 >>1808
Tranny? Where? 🤔
Replies: >>1809
Found the tranny you were looking for! You can also see the same creature staring back at you in the mirror.
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I'm dying. This can't have earnestly been a pwn. I'd say you should lead 94th Faggotry Battalion back to roost but it looks like you've already had your marathon. Enjoy the hormones, lass.
Replies: >>1810 >>1811 >>1813
"94th faggotry battalion

Aren't you technically the faggot  here you disgusting transexual vermin? I hope your next hormone injection contains synthol.

Until next time, go fuck yourself
Die mad that a woman did it better than you.
oh look a fat wearing their Swiss Miss hot cocoa flag like a wannabe expat
Yeah I'm transphobic. Of course I'm scared of trannies. They're taking over our societies, subverting our young men and tomboyish women. They're slowly dismantling our natural order and even though it's not fragile it's being worn away more and more. If we don't stop the trans problem then we might just have to live with things that we're uncomfortable with and that's just not right.
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About fucking time
Replies: >>3070
What are they gonna find? "Oh yeah, we sent them clothing per their request as an act of charity". Lol
Replies: >>3071
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