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Psalm 94

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How 4kike/pol/ is used to demoralize newfags.

Memeflags. - ONLY on 4/pol/ - To help shills hide and samefag.
No .webm audio. - ONLY on 4/pol/ - To stifle the flow of information.
No Tor/VPN posting. - To harvest IPs and identities of potential dissidents, and to help identify and arrest you if you are deemed to be too dangerous.
No mention of other boards/chans allowed. - Can't have the niggercattle escaping their pen.
Clearly written rules in the pinned post. - Multiple posts that violate these rules directly and blatantly on every page are never removed. - This is to demoralize you.
Quality posts, real world happenings, confidential leaks, forbidden knowledge, organization to action/activism are deleted arbitrarily and regularly. - Meanwhile the trollposts, shills, leftyprop, ridicule, and other worthless threads are kept up. - This is two fold; to demoralize you and to stifle the flow of information.
Bots. - Around the time the Telegram bot was made that would attempt to describe any images posted on Telegram with a phrase that starts with "I think it looks like ..." was made, such messages began to be posted on 4/pol/ randomly. Over the years this and many other indications of botposting have been observed on 4/pol/ and whenever a new bot comes on the scene, posts in that bot's writing style start to appear on 4/pol/ - This is to give the illusion of more traffic, and to dilute/bury information and meaningful discussion.
Bumping on 4/pol/ is fake. Bump order is fake. - Refresh 4/pol/ sometime, look at the post number of the last post of each thread. They aren't in order, and threads that have not been posted in are bumping themselves to the front page. - This is to create the illusion of traffic and to prevent the organic success of quality threads.
>>5207 (OP) 
no one here gives a shit about 4chan
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>>5207 (OP) 
>No Tor/VPN posting. - To harvest IPs and identities of potential dissidents, and to help identify and arrest you if you are deemed to be too dangerous.

This is dogshit. I've damn near disabled tor altogether since faggots keep using it to botspam cp links on the boards. 95% of users will have a different IP on a weekly if not daily basis.

Anyway, it sounds like everything you totally didn't make up for this post has worked very well to psyop you but we dont fucking care, this is 94chan

Also fuck you, meme flags are great.

This thread is too stupid to even bother locking.
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Its better to be thought of as a fed than to be assblasted by a fed. Its an annoying tradeoff but nobody wants to manage a group with hundreds of people at their disposal that can post cp any time you arent monitoring for a second
Replies: >>5218
Shut the fuck up, nigger.

I posted the OP post from Tor, and I'm posting from Tor right now.

I never touch any chan without Tor. Anyone who does is retarded.
The people who post without Tor are the ones who typically get assfucked by feds. 

Anyone who posts to chans without Tor has their name on the feds' list.
Also, if your jannies are too stupid to delete CP spam, then it's your fault for hiring niggercattle as jannies.

You are a dumb nigger. You are the blackest retard gorilla nigger I've ever seen.

People who post on chans without Tor are just handing their IP address and other personal information to the feds.
Replies: >>5220
I'm not a fed, nigger.

I said "damn near" because I haven't done it but IHM and I have had discussions about it that came to "see if they keep abusing it"

>everyone posts to imageboards using tor 
Which includes the spammers. 90% of the bans for cp/spam/porn are all the same range of exit nodes that roughly everyfuckingbody else besides apparently only you uses, and if you bothered to fucking search you'd know what happened last time: everyone bitched

If you're trying to help you're going about it the wrong way. If you're just being a cunt, whatever. You don't have to post here. Go join hands in Kuz's little faggot Imageboard monopoly, or fellate Hotwheels' has-been ego and spin up a shitty vichan board of your own before the software gets backdoored.

Why you fucking faggots cling to your fucking fedware and don't move on to something like i2p or loki I will never understand
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Replies: >>5222
>If you're trying to help you're going about it the wrong way. If you're just being a cunt, whatever.

I was just testing the waters. My preferred method is "walk right in the front door of the website, slap the admin on the ass, call him a faggot, and then take a dump right in the middle of the floor" and if everyone has a good laugh at the situation, it's a comfy place.

You guys seem OK.

>Why you fucking faggots cling to your fucking fedware and don't move on to something like i2p or loki I will never understand

I use I2P, but I can't browse this place from it, as you have no I2P address that I know of, and I can't browse your clearweb address from it, as the I2P exit node (yes, singular, sadly) is currently down after an attack.
Replies: >>5223 >>5227
That's fair. I used i2p briefly maybe 8 years ago and it was basically either dogshit slow or the same story.

It's not that I dislike tor as a service, but it's basically the first real acessible privacy oriented all in one solution for the masses but its been around so long that the filter in the pool is gummed up with all kinds of AIDS

Lokinet is something I'd be willing to look into if people would use it. Our dev is a fan and compatibility is baked into the board software.

Our traffic might warrant it if Cloudflare is to be believed but that's its own bag of dicks I gotta suck my way through.
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Replies: >>5224
Up until about 2 years ago:
I2P was slow.
Tor was fast.

Now I2P has drastically increased in speed and reliability, and Tor has slowed down due to an ongoing DDoS that has lasted more than a year. 

I2P is often faster than Tor now.

Lokinet is like Tor with its own cryptocurrency. I don't see the point. 

Plus I2P has some extra redundancy that makes it impossible to knock it offline completely, as it's truly distributed network. But Tor can be taken offline by a percentage of the directory authority servers are taken down, and there are only 12 of those, last I checked.
Replies: >>5225 >>5228

There are a couple hundred authority servers, just most of them are owned for exclusive use of government officials
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man, you're so cool, I hope we can be friends
Replies: >>5228
>own cryptocurrency

relevant bits and pieces from the faq:
>instead of relying on volunteers, Lokinet leverages the Oxen Service Node Network[...]

>Instead of Tor’s system of central directory authorities, Lokinet stores the state of the service node network on the blockchain. Every service node has access to this list, and comes to a consensus on it, making Lokinet significantly more decentralised than Tor.

>Because Oxen’s service node operators are required to provide high-quality nodes — and are actively incentivised to do so — Lokinet’s relay network is consistent and reliable.

It does also mention that they "require service nodes to stake an amount of the Oxen token before being able to register as a service node on the network" but outside of that, I didn't see anything else super relevent or groundbreaking aside from the whole "but its on the blockchain" part.

hey >>5227 see >>5199
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>>5207 (OP) 
4chan has a larger user base of posters and even moar readers - some of the threads in /pol/ will get 200+ unique posters

/pol/ goes very quickly too much stupid shit gets posted and this floods out the serious threads
>>5207 (OP) 
<"wtf 4cuck sucks"
You're a couple years late.
Replies: >>5259
>"wtf 4cuck sucks"

OP here.

I've been saying that since 2016, it's just hard to get retards to listen.

I am just doing my part to funnel newfags off of 4kike and on to better chans.
Replies: >>5260
>since 2016
a wholeass decade too late
Replies: >>5261
Well, back then they all just went to 8ch.

Then 8ch turned into the worthless pile of shit it is today.

Then we had 16chan, and it was primarily on Tor, which was great.

Now 16ch is gone because owner got spooked by feds coming to his door asking him questions, and he deleted his site.

So now we have 94chan, Bitchan, Frenschan, Balkanchan, and new on the dark web; Foxdick Chan.

It doesn't matter which one of these we send the newfags to, just not 4kike.
Replies: >>5262
Glad you enjoy the chan.
Replies: >>5263
This place is comfy and despite not being as Tor-friendly as I'd prefer, I can at least post from Tor, and that's good enough.
Replies: >>5270
It’s restricted because sickos post cp with it
Replies: >>5271 >>5275
ehh wouldn't go that far but sure
Replies: >>5272

that's literally what happens. I and other moderators have had to clean that type of shit up around here on occasion and it's not a fun time
Replies: >>5273
i haven't placed any restrictions on tor that I'm aware of yet
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Huh? How? I seem to have full posting access from Tor.

I know some chans do not allow torposters to post with images, only text. But that does not seem to be the case here.
And it's funny, because I run a small chan on tor, and I don't allow images. It's a text-chan.
Replies: >>5277
share some users with us why don'tcha
Replies: >>5278 >>5283
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>share some users with us why don'tcha

Do you want schizoposters?

Because this is how you get schizoposters.
Replies: >>5279 >>5280 >>5283
>Do you want schizoposters?
You're in /pol/, what other kind of posters do you think we get around here

oh just a headsup we don't do porn here

Bro, I'm a global mod and I'm a schizo. We want banter and schizos tend to be smarter than everyone else so it's much funnier
Replies: >>5281
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I am in good company here.
Replies: >>5284
Klap you post enough for all of us ffs

thats neat as heck
Replies: >>5285
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yeah, it would be ideal to have more people around, instead of just the one guy replying to every feckn thread
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>>5207 (OP) 
Memeflags le bad even doe it encourages anonymous debate 
Vpn/tor posting le good even doe it encourages anonymous debate 

Pick one.
Replies: >>5376
god hates flags
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