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Psalm 94

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>The largest secret mass operation was launched by the NKVD secret operational order n° 00447 “Concerning the punishment of former kulaks, criminals and other anti-Soviet elements”.
>The round-number quotas of Order n° 00447 were characteristic of the “figure mania” which had spread throughout the USSR in every sector of the economy, politics and social life during the 1930s.
>Every unit had a “casework minimum” of arrests to perform but also of confessions to extract in order to “unmask conspiracies”.
>In order to speed up the procedure, prisoners were often forced to sign blank pages of the pre-printed interrogation folios on which the interrogator later typed up the confession, the contents of which were scrutinised by the UGB commanding officer. If the prisoner’s statement did not adhere to the “general line” of the prosecution scenario, the head of the Security Police inserted his own fantastic screenplay, and had the forgery re-typed for signature by the defendant. Some UGB units brought this rationalisation to a fine art, setting up what they themselves called a sector for “spare parts”: a “model” protocol was copied by a pool of typists; the interrogating officer then filled in the prisoner’s data and, from case to case, marginally changed the circumstances of the “wrecking” activities and their “instigators”

To what extent do democratic countries fabricate evidence so that they can appease their own ideological doctrines? In the Soviet Union you could arrest anyone, sentence them to death without actual evidence, and get away with it. When you look at the war in Iraq after 9/11 there was a lot of talk about weapons of mass destruction but none were found (because it was a lie) and yet no one cares about this lie because the end justifies the means (killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians just so they could hang an Arab dictator with a moustache.) 

The marxist mind lacks any sort of conscience.
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>>5193 (OP) 
>killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians just so they could hang an Arab dictator with a moustache

Yeah, we put him there to begin with. Sorry for cleaning up our mess for once.
The issue is how much rogue justice political leaders use in secrecy without getting caught. For all we know any government can target people they do not like and erase any trace of their victims. In this modern digital age it is much easier. No paperwork, only clicks with a mouse and pressing buttons on a keyboard.
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> The marxist mind lacks any sort of conscience.

Replies: >>5199
Stellar shit. Way to contribute.
>>5193 (OP) 

Except Reagan sold Iraq weapons to justify an invasion later, which Clinton pulled us out of before we retrieved said weapons and killed Hussein. Bush Jr finished the mission by having CIA asset and Al Qaeda leader blow up the twin towers so he could eventually return to Iraq. 

I don't believe we ever killed Bin Laden, I think he died of old age or is still somewhere in protective custody
If you claim to be a politician, and claim to have a conscience, you're lying about at least one of those. It's all about how inhuman you decide to be with that lack of conscience. In the end you are what you do, not what you think or feel or say. Leave that shit for the philosophers and poets.
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I wonder how long it will take for governments to be able to falsify identities by using sophisticated AI deepfakes so no one will notice that people disappear.
Replies: >>5204
a month? Maybe two?
Replies: >>5205
It becomes unavoidable at this point. Sooner or later you will not even have actors in movies when everything can be generated on your computer.
Politicians, just like lawyers, get paid to lie.
I myself think that a lot of countries have abused their power in some way or another. The United States tend to be one of those that have to intervene in others affairs mainly because they have a savior complex that goes beyond Christian morality. Russia is another example, but everyone knows Russia is a shitty country full of corruption so you at least expect that they should use foul play when dealing with independent media or opponents of the rulers. China is, of course, the successor of the Soviet Union but with a modern twist which is that they try to infiltrate instead of, like the United States, use brute military force to get what they want. All in all it boils down to power hungry leaders that want to promote business interests or ideologies.
Replies: >>5210
A lot of countries? I'd wager all of them have. Power can only be abused or lost. If someone's in power after one term, regardless of their position, it's because they're abusing it. And if they're no longer in power after one term, there is still the chance that they abused it so much that they had it forcefully taken away from them.
Replies: >>5211
The biggest problem is that when you acquire power it tends to corrupt anyone that have it. Good intentions can become distorted when you feel you have to lie and cheat in order to keep it.
Replies: >>5212
aye, that has always been the gist of it
>>5193 (OP) 

Jewish schizophrenia strikes again.
Replies: >>5214 >>5235
The average Jew is a crossbreed between Hitler and Moses. It's like a hilarious travesty where they are disgusted by their own kind and yet can't let go of their own heritage.
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When their prayers are not answered and they face adversity they morph into a sad and melodramatic blob of misery, amplifying everything they experience a thousandfold. I see the same behaviour among muslims. They bitch and moan like children because someone oppose them and if they suddenly get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, their beliefs do not appeal to everyone they act as if the world is coming to an end. I despise them deeply and have no interest in accepting their presence in my country.
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The Spanish Inquisition must have been really chill if you compare it with living in the U.S.A.
Replies: >>5241
No, it was a literal Shoah.
Replies: >>5242
This. 6 million trillions were killed and 89 quintillions were converted to Catholicism by force-feeding them bacon sandwiches.

So this is the power of Yahweh, lul.
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>sad and melodramatic blob of misery, amplifying everything they experience a thousandfold
and then they make it into a movie
Replies: >>5246
I think you mean movies. 6 000 000 to be exact. An unrelenting stream of fiction so they can swindle the goyim.
I am amazed that the almighty didn't save his chosen one. He probably had an intact foreskin.
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No one likes Jews. They just pretend they do.
Replies: >>5253 >>5254
Jews do not have friends, they have servants. They're pompous assholes that, according to scripture, will enslave the entire planet when their saviour arrives.  Really nice people.
Replies: >>5265
Governments always use illegal activities to quench crtitiques. You just don't hear about it.
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I want to enslave your swedish bussy goy.
Replies: >>5266
don't be gross here thanks
Replies: >>5269
Exactly. You can't assassinate people if you tell everyone about it.

The word you are looking for is 'fag'.
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>I am amazed that the almighty didn't save his chosen one.

Maybe he took a nap?
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Democratic countries and their citizens are under the impression that voting matters or that certain aspects  of democracy somehow will protect them from unjust or deceitful leaders because of ideals such as liberty, brotherhood and equality. Unfortunately that is far from what reality has proven.
Replies: >>5302 >>5322
I get the feeling that what happened with LSD in the 1960's is what is happening today with marijuana and other opiates. Out of nowhere it explodes and suddenly it has become so prevalent that it can't be corrected.
Replies: >>5303 >>5304
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Isn't that what they say about crack? A CIA operation against niggers.
Replies: >>5305 >>5306
>His principal arguments are that the CIA has perverted the American criminal justice system by protecting drug dealers and murderers from prosecution; that Federal judges and prosecutors alleged to have broken narcotics laws have been protected from investigation; that the government of Bolivia and South American drug cartel leaders have been assisted and even paid by the CIA. Finally, the author maintains that without CIA support, South American cartels and the epidemic of cocaine and crack use in the U.S. would never have occurred.

They say they care about the people but in reality it is all about money and influence.
Replies: >>5307 >>5315
White supremacy somehow is more dangerous than hundreds of tons of drugs being smuggled every year.
Replies: >>5310
Pretty much. Hypocrisy.
Either they want to keep drugs available for purposes of population control or they have no interest in actually preventing drugs from flowing everywhere. A society full of brown shitskins constantly in need of a temporary rush generates more (illegal) money than a healthy and pristine white one.
Replies: >>5316
Beaners and wetbacks in general, that work for law enforcement agencies, could look out for their own kind while simultaneously making some money. If there is no loyalty to the host country then there is no point in defending it.
Replies: >>5317
Sounds like what Jews do, but it wouldn't surprise me.
Replies: >>5320
Wetback Jews.
I hate druggies so much. Absolutely wretched.
Replies: >>5323
The danger with drug addicts is that they are slaves to their desires and have zero discipline. They willingly let themselves be imbalanced and usually they try to tell their surroundings that it isn't a crutch and that they can quit any time they want. But...the worst part is that they want others to become druggies because it's "fun".  Whenever I hear that drugs are entertaining I suspect it is boring and bland people that try to grow a personality by engaging in substance abuse.
I smoke tons of weed and I really don't want anyone to do the same. But people are free to do whatever the fuck pleases them.
Drugs are lemming tier. Awful and useless.
Replies: >>5338

Depends on the drug and the person. If it's the kind of person who needs a few beers to go hit on a chick, then they're going to be the annoying let's all get drunk guys come on it's fun. That's the majority of addicts. 

Then you have the other >10% who use drugs for their intended purposes but then they become dependent on them because life without them is empty because they are intellectuals who idealize everything. 

There's a place for everything, and moderation is the key, but I do not suggest people do drugs, nor do I condemn them for doing them. It's what happens after the fact that I make my judgments on
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This thread is a bunch of squares, dude

Y'all should like just relax
Replies: >>5334
Grow up, hippie.
Replies: >>5335
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Stoners are a mirror image of alcoholics. They keep inhaling the herbal Jew without realizing how desensitized they are and also keep telling themselves that it is harmless. 

Legal marijuana does not decrease criminal behaviour, by the way. It even incentivizes niggers and spics to grow it and sell it because the laws are more relaxed and control measures are more time consuming.
Replies: >>5343 >>5345
Most of the stoners around here are shitskins and muslims. All of them are retarded and want to glorify a criminal lifestyle because they all want to be the next Tony Montana.
Replies: >>5344
Another reason why multiculture is a failure and we need to deport them all.
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>The study also shows the marijuana-related brain abnormalities are correlated with a poor working memory performance and look similar to schizophrenia-related brain abnormalities.

>Paranoid Schizophrenia is Characterized by Increased CB1 Receptor Binding in the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex

>In summary, the majority of studies demonstrate changes in CB1 receptor protein density in some brain regions in post-mortem tissue from subjects with schizophrenia

What most druggies won't tell you (and don't know) is that when they smoke marijuana they experience temporary brain damage. The CB1 protein causes an overload of the hippocampus in the brain, activating a sensation that you could call 'high'. Poor memory is one of the side effects and basically it is an emulation of schizophrenia. 

It's not surprising that many weed smokers become paranoid and mentally deranged. The perfect mind tranquilizer that keeps the population in check and unfocused.
Replies: >>5347 >>5353
420, dude. Become mentally ill, bruh.
Replies: >>5352
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Buncha yurop mad at a plant goin on in this thread

its like you dumb fags cant just ignore the bads in the world and must give it a stern talking to

tldr; itt 3rd world voodoo and superstition
Fuck off Carl Gustav
The marijuana addict/tinfoil hat connection is very real. Schizophrenic delusions combined with too much screen time is a potent enforcer of reptile humanoids that shapeshift.
Replies: >>5354
It's always druggies that believe the most asinine nonsense like flat earth or that space and nukes aren't real.
Replies: >>5355 >>5359 >>5360
I bet David Icke was a stoner.
Replies: >>5356
Sounds icky
Why are these swedish amphetamine addicts panzerchokolade loving faggots talking against weed? Talk about double standards when it is commonplace in sweden for homos like you to snort amph and fuck your 70 yr old neighbour Sven for 200kr worth of kontantkort
Replies: >>5358
wym ofc space is flat why else is it everywhere you look

fuckin altmer, you guys know nothing
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>duuuuuude, everything is CGI! I got to refill my bong, bro. Here, look how there is no curvature, man.
Replies: >>5361 >>5362
damn, thing is you're so right, though; I smoke weed everyday so that I can hallucinate that the moon is CGI. And it works!
Replies: >>5363
I think that most flat earthers are gullible morons who see some unsourced videos on social media while they're high and immediately believe it to be true, almost like how David Icke fanboys think videos where everything becomes pixelated because of poor quality is evidence of shapeshifting aliens. Marijuana turns you into a mental midget.
Replies: >>5364 >>5367
the point of smoking it is to turn you into a mental midget because midgets make people laugh

or something idk im high

i just noticed that the OP put the title of this thread in the name field
Last edited by Hidden User
Replies: >>5365
Losing brain cells must be hilarious.
Replies: >>5366 >>5368
Slonking retard weed.
If you look at it from the perspective of the ruling class then marijuana is an excellent control substance. People become lazy, obese, mind-numbingly stupid and easily entertained. Also they turn into pacifists that will never take action or try to enact an insurrection of any kind. It's the zenith of anti-intellectualism and societal stagnation. If you thought Americans were uneducated and morbidly overweight now just wait 100 years on cannabis. I can promise you it will be a horrific future full of cultural decay.
Replies: >>5369
Well it beats being a cunt all the time
It also makes you indifferent to demographic replacement.
Replies: >>5371
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Look at the Netherlands: Amsterdam is full of shitskins and niggers that smoke weed everywhere and there are massive amounts of shitskin tourists that swarm all over just to get high.
Replies: >>5372
>uses drugs and is violent

Stereotypes do not appear out of nowhere.
Replies: >>5373 >>5377
Niggers gonna nigger.
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>Racial differences in narcissistic tendencies
>In essence, this explanation suggests that being a member of a stigmatized group may serve as a buffer against adversity because members of devalued groups are able to externalize negative experiences by attributing them to discrimination or prejudice.
>The results of the present studies provide consistent support for racial differences in narcissism such that Black individuals tend to report higher levels of narcissism than White individuals.

Niggers are maladjusted because they know they descend from a group of people that didn't discover the wheel until white people showed up in Africa. I also think that the reason a lot of niggers behave like delinquents is because of undiagnosed autism.

>About 1.8 percent of schoolchildren in England are autistic, according to one of the largest autism prevalence studies to date. The prevalence is highest among Black children — about 2.1 percent.
>Until recently, Black children in the United States were less likely to be diagnosed with autism than their white and Asian peers, although studies in both the U.S. and Europe have found higher rates of autism among children of immigrants, including some Black children.

If you have communities with a lot of autistic males that deviate in their behaviour to such an extent that it influences the younger generations you get a potent mixture of sperg rage and violent outburts with deadly consequences.
Replies: >>5381 >>5389
>Vegan Gains

Replies: >>5382
Nigger Gains.
Replies: >>5388
Bix nood.
>autistic and misanthropic nigger wants to eat soy and live off welfare because his life is meaningless

He could do society a favour and hang himself.
Replies: >>5390
Pretty much all niggers have meaningless lives. That’s why you never see prosperous African nations or why the overwhelming majority of shitskins are inclined to become criminals.
Replies: >>5391

Some of those African tribes are fucking happy living in huts and being hunters and gatherers.
Replies: >>5393
Exactly. Basic needs and basic minds. Nothing else is required for the African mind. Driven by hunger, urges and occasional entertainment.
Replies: >>5394 >>5404

yet they are happier than we are
Replies: >>5396
Driven by hunger, urges and occasional entertainment. Unlike every other human being on earth.
Replies: >>5396
I think you are referring to the so called ‘noble savage’ but I highly doubt they are happier in Africa. If they were, they wouldn’t feel the need to emigrate to Europe or the U.S.A because of starvation, drought and overpopulation. The fact that niggers in Africa can’t sustain their own populations without exceeding the capacity to feed themselves is quite telling of their state of mind.

He’s right, though. Their needs do not result in anything. That’s the difference between niggers and others. They’re so basic that instead of putting effort in their surroundings they’re content with doing as little as possible to achieve satisfaction. No improvements, only necessity.
Replies: >>5397 >>5402
No, the "noble savage" trope doesn't involve being happier as a result of a more primitive and less demanding environment. It's a fetishisation of the "arcane wisdom" and "otherwordly manners" that what the west perceives as "savage" people dramatically showcase in key point of plot/development. 

What me means, I think, is more in line with cynic (pre-stoic, not contemporary "cync") and even buddhist thought wherewith need is the source of all suffering, and a simpler existence is the basis of a tranquile, enjoyable existence.

This is not sociopolitical commentray, merely a literary approach.
Replies: >>5399

>They’re so basic that instead of putting effort in their surroundings they’re content with doing as little as possible to achieve satisfaction. No improvements, only necessity.

Only the few, truly great men of history do not fit this description.
Replies: >>5399
>”noble savage" trope doesn't involve being happier as a result of a more primitive and less demanding environment.

Actually it does. The concept is not literary. Greeks described Arcadians as primitive yet happier, Romans described Germanic tribes and Scythians as primitive yet happier because of lack of decadence.

>buddhist thought

That is more akin to ascetic living and not walking around naked like Africans do.

>great men

I just LOL’d out loud.
Replies: >>5400 >>5403
way to misinterpret everything I said, but you go off king
Replies: >>5401
/pol/ gonna /pol/

nice get tho
Buddhism is just atheism disguised as religion.
Replies: >>5407
They are a mindless biological weapon used against white nations, just like muslims. As long as leftists can generate more voters they will import shitskins so they can keep their salaries.
Replies: >>5405
The ghost of Kalergi is everywhere.
Replies: >>5406
Barbara Spectre rubs her hands with utmost enjoyment.
Replies: >>5408

I mean, duh
Take it easy there, buddy. No need to be antisemitic. Israel is for Jews only but Europe is for everyone! Diversity is our strength.
Replies: >>5410
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[Hide] (3.4MB, 640x368, 01:28)
>It would be ridiculous to mistake the organized Jewish community's hesitancy to address the subject of the great cultural transformation of America for genuine equanimity. We are, after all, standing on the edge of what is arguably the most profound social transformation in the nation's history. It is a demographic transformation that, most experts believe, will result in a majority non-white population sometime before the end of the new century.
>Yet, for the time being, as if on automatic pilot, Jewish organizations repeat the familiar mantras and continue with their uncritical "celebration" of diversity. (Diversity meaning, of course, diversity of race and ethnicity but not opinion.)

The Jewish promotion of mass immigration started a lot earlier. It began with Israel Zangwill and his melting pot concept and was from that point onward strengthened when more Jews started immigrating to the U.S.
The reason they do it is because Jews weaponize everything in order to punish the goyim. Diversity for you but not for them.

>I'll confess it, at least: like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months for 10 formative years during my childhood and adolescence I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was taught that Israel was the true homeland. Emigration to Israel was considered the highest virtue, and, like many other Jewish teens of my generation, I spent two summers working in Israel on a collective farm while I contemplated that possibility. More tacitly and subconsciously, I was taught the superiority of my people to the gentiles who had oppressed us. We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, people from whom sudden gusts of hatred might be anticipated, people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that we could rely on no one.
Replies: >>5411 >>5420
[Hide] (3.5MB, 864x480, 01:34)
I hate Jews like you wouldn't believe.
Replies: >>5413 >>5417
Oy vey, goyim! Your country is too white and peaceful. We need to open your...I mean our borders and flood your native population with muslims, niggers and various minorities from all around the world. You can't survive without it.
Replies: >>5414
Jews are a plague.
Replies: >>5415
A disease that needs protection by laws so you can't cure it.
Replies: >>5416
I wonder what is wrong with Jews in general. Do the actively want to be disliked and are they really that oblivious to their own behaviour? They ruin every country they visit arrive in.
Replies: >>5418
They are naturally repugnant.
Replies: >>5419
Subversive since birth and unwilling to leave. An unapologetic parasite.
[Hide] (566.7KB, 368x368, 00:16)
[Hide] (752.2KB, 480x368, 00:19)
[Hide] (15.1MB, 1280x720, 01:22)
Two-faced liars and swindlers.
Replies: >>5422 >>5426
Race mixing: not even once.
Replies: >>5423
Jews are a mixed people and have been like that for thousands of years. They have an inclination for interracial relationships.
[Hide] (48MB, 1280x720, 03:42)
[Hide] (6.3MB, 864x480, 01:25)
[Hide] (4.3MB, 496x368, 02:45)
>When millions of Russian and East European Jews arrived in the 1880s and 1890s, established Jewish families — obeying the ancient injunctions to Jewish charity enshrined in the Mosaic code — constructed an elaborate welfare system, including hospitals, orphanages, settlement houses and trade schools. Most of these immigrants went into the booming garment industry, putting their whole families to work and giving rise to a thriving ethnic economy in which Jewish factory owners employed Jewish workers to create goods sold by Jewish merchants to Jewish customers.
>During the 1920s and 1930s a group of hard-nosed Jewish entrepreneurs turned a patch of desert near Los Angeles into the Hollywood movie industry. Entertainment juggernaut Paramount Pictures, founded in 1919 by Adolph Zukor, was financed by an enormous loan from the Jewish Wall Street firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. — thanks to the intervention of Otto Kahn, brother of Zukor’s partner Felix Kahn. The studios were famed for their nepotism.

The thing about them is that pretty much all "tropes" and "stereotypes" about their behaviour are true. Otherwise, if they didn't help their fellow foreskin marauders, their political influence and wealth makes zero sense.
Replies: >>5427 >>5429
The eternal shekel grabbers.
Replies: >>5428 >>5449
Bank leeches.
The usual is that when the goyim say they are nepotistic it's an antisemitic canard and when they themselves say it you call it historical facts. You can tell that Jews are extremely sensitive to criticism and that certain things are only allowed for Jews to mention.
Replies: >>5430 >>5444
Jewish fragility.
Replies: >>5431
Not fragility. It's sociopathic trickery.
Replies: >>5432
This. Their whole religion is about deceiving the goyim. You can call it talmudic kindness.
Replies: >>5433
The Talmud is a lovely book. Extremely friendly towards outsiders.
Replies: >>5434
[Hide] (28.2MB, 864x480, 12:19)
[Hide] (8.3MB, 464x368, 02:27)
Really nice people.
Replies: >>5435
>you can steal from the goyim
>you can kill the goyim
>you can kill children if they are considered a threat
>you can rape 3 year old girls
>if you are a minority you declare peace and tolerance but if you are the majority you are allowed to implement draconian measures against others

Why would anyone be antisemitic? Jews are tranquil pacifists without any hostile intentions.
Replies: >>5438
There are endless possibilities when you can treat the goyim like cattle. 3 year old girls that tempt you into raping them are the worst kind because you have to kill them afterwards for defiling your holy presence.
Replies: >>5439 >>5442
unfunny faggot
Replies: >>5440
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[Hide] (4.2MB, 864x480, 03:25)
You know what is funny? The Holocaust.
Replies: >>5441 >>5443
Funnier than how you're sexually attracted to 3 year olds at least.
This sort of shit isn't welcome here. Get a fucking life.
Wow, her fantastic tale of adventure sure changed a lot. Apparently the Holocaust became even worse than she actually remembered it.
Jews have a habit of acting like chameleons to such an extent that they feel a need to blend in all the time. When someone tells them their behavior is inconsistent they become angry since they lost all of the camouflage.
Replies: >>5445
Schizoid behavior.
Replies: >>5446
No, Jewish behavior.
[Hide] (4.4MB, 608x480, 02:17)
[Hide] (8.1MB, 640x480, 06:53)
Shekels aren't the only things they're grabbing.
Replies: >>5450 >>5457
Fascinating how deprived of critical thinking you must be to send over a trillion dollars to a foreign nation without asking what the money is for. It reminds me of a verse from the Bible:

>For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.

This is your mind on Judaism 2.0.
Replies: >>5451
If I'm not mistaken she said 3 trillions. That is a lot of taxpayer money.
Replies: >>5452
I feel bad for the U.S.A. All that money could have fixed the infrastructure or provided healthcare instead of giving it away to some swindlers.
Replies: >>5453 >>5455
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[Hide] (20.4KB, 357x483) Reverse
[Hide] (66.5KB, 360x227) Reverse
Replies: >>5454
No, Moshe. Get a job.
>could have fixed
that's a certified lul there
Replies: >>5456
Better than nothing, right? 3 trillions is not pocket change.
Replies: >>5458
>wants to disarm the population

Wow, almost as if they think it’s threatening that you could resist against a government that you don’t agree with.
Replies: >>5459
>Nothing is better than nothing
[Hide] (4.3MB, 1280x720, 02:31)
[Hide] (9.2MB, 640x368, 03:31)
[Hide] (31.5MB, 640x368, 09:16)
Jews want a population of pacified morons without strength to fight back. That's why you see so many Jews promote weed to the general public. Docile drones that accept anything is easier to control than determined resistance. 

>To Jews in the cannabis space, it’s an inside joke just how many of us are involved in weed: as activists, professionals, medical marijuana patients, or simply as stoners. But funny as it is, it’s not surprising. To outsiders, the link between Judaism and cannabis may seem arbitrary, but both the Jewish religion and culture substantiate what many of us see as a natural connection.

>In May 1971, Nixon told his chief of staff Bob Haldeman: ”You know, it’s a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob? What is the matter with them?

The herbal Jew: not even once.
Replies: >>5460
Why do Jews have to ruin everything?
Replies: >>5463
It's all they know.
Replies: >>5464
I think that the reason they’re so dysfunctional is because of the foreskin trauma they endure during infancy.
Replies: >>5465
Ravaged foreskin = schizophrenia, lol.
Replies: >>5514
[Hide] (10.1MB, 864x480, 06:22)
[Hide] (6.3MB, 864x480, 03:38)
>Percentage of circumcised males in each of the 237 countries and territories in the world
>United States: 71.2%

The most bizarre thing about circumcision is how widely it has affected non-Jewish populations. The United States has almost the same rate of circumcision as a muslim country.
Hi unrelated question, is this the first time you tried to post this or were you hit with a wall of fuck prior

wow good talk, thanks faggot
Last edited by Hidden User
Replies: >>5517
No, I made one attempt at posting and didn't experience any difficulty. Also, thanks for the insult.
Replies: >>5518
No problem. You also have a stupid name.
Replies: >>5520
don't use that word, Moshe; it's very unbecoming
Replies: >>5521
Replies: >>5522 >>5523
stop using Brave you tool
I can't believe how anyone willingly want to mutilate their dick because some schizophrenic Jew in the middle of the desert wanted to commit homicide. Another thing is that all of the Jews in the U.S.A must be pretty messed up mentally when they get told that some old bearded dudes sucked their dicks when they were infants. If someone told me I got molested while not being aware of it, and people just stood there and watched, I would have some serious psychological issues in the future.
Replies: >>5526 >>5537
[Hide] (432.9KB, 1200x900) Reverse
Is this the jew who sucked your penis?
Replies: >>5537
Looks like a trustworthy guy.

The fact that Americans severe their foreskins in order to prevent masturbation is a reflection of the Jewish psyche. A virulent contempt for human urges and needs. It's like cutting off your tongue just to make it impossible to taste food since you are afraid that enjoying a meal might result in gluttony.
Replies: >>5538 >>5539
Jewish depression, in other words.
Replies: >>5542
[Hide] (4.7KB, 225x225) Reverse
>Looks like a trustworthy guy.
Mental illness is their religion.
Replies: >>5543
more like their religion is the consequence of mental illness
Replies: >>5545 >>5546
I actually think many religions have some form of metaphysical pursuit at heart unlike Judaism. Judaism got started because it explicitly states that Abraham heard a voice talking to him which obviously is a sign of schizophrenia. The part about genital mutilation isn’t really reassuring about Abrahams mental health.
Replies: >>5547
No, that'd be satanists. God and Jesus are very real, as you can clearly see how much evil exists and how prevalent it is, especially these days.
Have you ever seen Jews praying? You see them rocking back and forth while screeching atonal Hebrew nonsense. It looks like a scene from some insane asylum full of people with PTSD.
Replies: >>5548 >>5549
[Hide] (1.2MB, 320x240, 00:28)
[Hide] (30.7MB, 1280x720, 02:01)
To me it looks like when autistic people experience sensory overload and start flailing their bodies all over the place.
Replies: >>5553 >>5562 >>5567
They look like retards and that awful screaming sounds like a Down syndrome orgasm.
Replies: >>5554
Even more reason to sterilize all Jews.
Replies: >>5555
Sterilization is a good option. Afterwards you can force them to accept millions of niggers to diversify Israel.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 400x212) Reverse
>when autistic people experience sensory overload and start flailing their bodies all over the place
>circumcision should make the boy associate sex with pain

Wow, not cruel at all.
Replies: >>5567 >>5571 >>5572
[Hide] (5.7MB, 640x358) Reverse
they should really learn a thing or two from christians and have that association be purely psychological, guilt-based, and ochlocratically enforced
>To me it looks like when autistic people experience sensory overload and start flailing their bodies all over the place.
yeah, or when niqqas hump the air while slapping eachother in those "temples", full-on tears and incoherent screeches and all
I think that a lot of the inherent sadism that is innate in Judaism got transferred to Christianity in the process. It's hard to get rid of faulty practices when your entire mindset is submerged in an alien culture. This pathological aversion towards sex is so unnatural.
Replies: >>5579
Boys need to learn not to rape
Replies: >>5573
that much is true, but I fail to see the connection between that and ritual-genital-mutilation-induced aversion to sex and sexuality
Christianity is dependent on Judaism.
Replies: >>5580 >>5589
They overlap theologically and are both quite hostile to life-affirming behaviour. The 7 deadly sins are pretty much restrictive rules made for people that must be devoid of self-control. All people are vain to some extent because without vanity there is no appreciation of beauty and also without pride there would only be indifference to anything remotely productive or progression in any field of work.
Replies: >>5588 >>5600
As a proud Catholic I disagree.
Replies: >>5588
We agree to disagree

Without sloth we would have a ADHD society where constant stimuli is needed and dying from overworking yourself is virtue. If there is no wrath you become a meek pacifist that never resist opposition.
Replies: >>5590

>Christianity is dependent on Judaism

Not exactly, that's a gross oversimplification. The old testament is the first revelations of God and the prophecy of Christ. Christ fulfills the prophecies and creates a new covenant, therefore rendering the majority of the old testament moot. 

It's important for context, that's it. The new testament is the covenant and the law.
Replies: >>5624
we already have that
[Hide] (1.7MB, 480x480, 00:53)
I don't understand how lust could be considered something bad. If you want a large family and a happy relationship you need a lot of sex, obviously. The only reason I can think of is if the lust is some kind of paraphilia: animals, children, feces, corpses, objects etc.  Then I can grasp why circumcision would be necessary in order to make intercourse as unpleasant as possible and keep freaks away from their perverted ways.
Replies: >>5601 >>5604 >>5608
Counterpoint: Plenty of cut-dicks still fuck children/animals, particularly in the jew ass ey
Replies: >>5602
just to be clear, my point is that there is absolutely no justification or use whatsoever for the mutilation of baby genitals
Thanks for that mp4. Now I hate Jews even more.
Replies: >>5631

Lust is unhealthy obsession. You clearly do not understand the terminology. Jesus flat out said do not look at a woman lustfully
Replies: >>5609
It boils down to interpretation. "Unhealthy obsession" is vague and lack details.
Replies: >>5611 >>5614
This. I doubt that anyone would have a sexual obsession that makes you starve to death or turn you into a compulsive masturbator that has to touch himself every 5 minutes because it sounds cartoonish.
Replies: >>5613
Have you ever been on Encyclopedia Dramatica? Its the reddit equivalent.

unhealthy obsession would mean anything that causes you to sin
Replies: >>5615
human nature is unhealthy obsession confirmed
>gross oversimplification

>Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 

Jesus himself said that he wants to fulfill the Jewish laws which essentially means he is theologically Jewish. 

>You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.

Jesus also said that thanks to the Jews we are all saved since their wisdom is correct. Jesus is even called rabbi in the New Testament which denotes a scholar of Jewish scriptures. All in all, no matter how much you try to twist it, Christianity has a foundation built on Judaism.
Replies: >>5625 >>5626
One thing that is strange about the New Testament is that it follows the Jewish practice of allowing slavery. Jews themselves look at non-Jews as inferior and thus they are slaves more or less. I wonder if this is the same line of thought here? Someone else already posted it but Jesus refers to a gentile woman as a dog because she is not Jewish. 

>These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go onto the road of the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. 6Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel

>He answered, “ I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

It all becomes rather suspicious since Jesus himself was supposed to be a saviour of the Jewish people but he got rejected because of what rabbinical authority claimed.

The foundation is Judaism, the new covenant fulfills the old covenant, therefore the old laws aren't the current covenant.
Replies: >>5627
what is fulfulled does not disappear but becomes eternal
Replies: >>5628 >>5630

Oh so when Paul said we can eat pork and seafood, it was pure heresy and he's retarded even though he wrote 70% of the new testament. Got it
Replies: >>5629

And all of Jesus' contradictions of the old covenant are also heresy, therefore Jesus is a heretic and they were right to crucify him. Do you even listen to yourself think before you say something outright retarded?
[Hide] (18.3MB, 608x480, 08:37)
Jews are easy to hate. They are arrogant and have a sinister justification for everything they do: they're Chosen. Doesn't matter if you haven't done anything to them. Their sole reason is that they have a divine right to do as they wish.
Replies: >>5632 >>5633
jews are made for hate, but be careful: they often feed on it, like emotional vampires
Wow, so even if people would be pacifists that harm no one they still would engage in warfare. Jews confirmed for sociopaths.
Replies: >>5634
Holy people, right? Just kill random people. You don't need to explain why. It's because the creator of the world said so and that's the only explanation you need.
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