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What, behind the windmill?

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Ok, i know most people want Trump as the Republican nominee for many reasons. I personally don't, and it's a rather lengthy explanation as to why, 1 reason being i don't think he'll beat Biden in a general election. 

So my question is, who works you like was a republican nominee if not Trump?

At one point i looked Desantis, but now he's committing insurance fraud and hanging people who lost their homes in the hurricane or to dry and bring an opponent of free speech. Nikki Haley is a moron. Rand Paul likely isn't running and isn't really electable on the national scale.

However, what do people think about Tulsi Gabbard? There's rumblings that she's considering running and there's no way she could win as an independent so she would have to run as a republican. I know she's a high ranking military officer and ex-cia, but she's openly criticized both organizations for being corrupt and she's anti intervention. She has openly criticized worrying a black check to Ukraine and wants to let taxes on the middle class and close some business loopholes so true don't get away with paying 0 in taxes. 

Thoughts? Or other candidate ideas?
Holy auto correct fails. I'm sure you get the idea
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