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What, behind the windmill?

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I don't watch the super bowl, but I'm surrounded by boomers who do. This year I found myself revisiting an essay Richard Spencer wrote a while ago, and it's honestly on point. Thoughts?

>The System doesn’t want us to do; it wants us to watch. It doesn’t want us to create but consume; to watch porn, not make love or produce familes. All experience is to be moderated; all value, monetized and commodified; and all community, reduced to brands. Fandom itself is an expression of the loss at the heart of the modern world. Men want to fight and win, be part of a gang, sacrifice for glory, and be rewarded with fame and women. (Even nerds want this, as they gravitate to videogames of war, conquest, chivalry, and violence.) “Fandom” is the collective identity the system is willing to offer us.
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>amerimutts be like
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>>4882 (OP) 
People still have televisions and cable subscriptions?
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t. butthurt eurofag

Streaming services. I try keep up to date on things
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>>4882 (OP) 
He is not wrong
Hes correct on that one.But i lost respect for him long ago after he sold out and deradicalized and how hes lost pretty much all standing he had before.
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