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Death to cis white men
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We had a good run for a bit, but the time has come to split into multiple countries, become a federation of states, or kill each other off.

The vast majority of the country plays into the evil subversion tactical puppetry going on in Washington and literally treat politics and our livelihoods like a team sport. What in the absolute fuck makes anyone think that there should be winners and losers when we're all in the same fucking country. A rising tide should raise all ships, not fuck you, I get what I want and fuck everyone else. 

Before someone makes some comment about me sounding like a socialist or something retarded like that, fuck democratic socialism, it doesn't work in a country of our size and never will. Cronyism of all kinds is the cancer killing America. Quid pro quo, pork barrel legislating, sending money to foreign nations while we have people here starving to death, etc.

I'm not even necessarily calling for  a violent revolution unless the federal government stands in the way of we the people exercising our constitutional right to abolish the federal government. It is time.

Lefties can congregate in their states and have their liberal utoptias, righties can have their 2nd amendment approved tactical nukes in their states, and we can stop pretending a nation of this size is governable by anything other than a tyrant or monarch.

If you disagree, you're fucking retarded.
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Where are we deporting all the retards to?
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>>4372 (OP) 
who's "we"

anyway, go ahead and "end" your "country", see if anyone gives a shit
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I don't think OP is suggesting a 300+ million people exodus.
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I don't see your name on the Ram Ranch Big House list, go back to the fields par'ner
So the people that say shit like 
>who's we
lol they don't want you to find out who we are lol.
Hey we man.
We're coming.
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you're aware if America breaks off into say, 6 different nations or a federation of states that the global welfare piggybank will either come to an end or be much smaller? Even 1st world countries rely on our welfare, it's the only reason nobody has called on our debt or petitioned the WEF to make us declare bankruptcy
Speak english or die
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