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Death to cis white men
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Homofascism is the worldview of Truth to put it simply. This Cosmic Truth reveals itself via the Männerbund. The Männerbund are and always will be the Aristocrats, Warriors, Noblemen, etc. And more importantly they are always Homosexual. “Why is that?” you may ask. Well it’s quite simple really: the act of Homosexuality mirrors the acts of the Divine throughout Aryan mythology (whether it be Germanic/Norse, Greco-Roman, Celtic, Vedic, etc) and therefore puts itself above mere Heterosexual reproduction thus establishing Hierarchy which we all know is fundamental to Fascism.

Homosexuality will always be the basis of Fascism. Many of the early members of the NSDAP were Homosexual (Ernst Röhm, Edmund Heines, Karl-Günther Heimsoth, to name a few) and even Hitler can be speculated as such. People such as De Sade and Nero were also unarguably Proto-Fascists. And please do not tip me off to the Jewish Propaganda that Homosexuality was outlawed in the Third Reich. All of the sources I have seen to support such claims are from Jewish/Liberal academics, wikipedia, and forgeries.

You may ask “How can I help Homofascism?”. I’m glad you asked. I’d advise you install grindr on your phone and start recruiting Aryan Men to your own Homosexual Collective. Such an act is a relatively small one in the grand scheme of things but each small step will inevitably lead to the Homofascist Galactic Lesenbraum, free of the Femoid disease with the ability to breed with other Men via Genetic modification with Aryan technology. So get off your asses and make Röhm proud.

Hail Röhm and Hail Victory!
Faggot please kill yourself 
>>3716 (OP) 
>>3716 (OP) 
Does this mean you're a faggot?
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>>3716 (OP) 
I hope that your asshole is full of aids you disgusting smelly faggot
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GAY : 
sucking dick
licking pussy
getting fucked
letting a chick be on top

fucking pussy
fucking ass
fucking mouth
fucking women
fucking men
fuckihg watermelon
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>>3716 (OP) 
i hope you get beheaded by Isis
So yes?
Sorry but only thr best wifi connected butt plugs go uo this ass. So no aids for me faggot.
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You are the biggest faggot 
Please end this bait
If you were a woman you'd never be a woman
cope seethe dial 8 mald
Damn even the French want OP gone
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>leaf flag
>larping nazi rainbow image
>reddit spacing
>long paragraph of cope
Go back, kill yourself, and never reproduce
You are on the verge of suicide we get your father kicked you out, do us and him a favor can put some detergent in your anus
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OP was molested as a child by his uncle and not needs to justify his sick homosexual feelings
Heard OP was a niggerfaggot, do a flip kike
>>3716 (OP) 
((( We Don't Want Your Gay )))
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Die you gay kike
OP is a bundle of sticks
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You are OP faggot
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>not reproducing
>definition of hedonism
>literally one of the 7 sins are listed in their parades
>biological and religious purpose besides moloch
>intamacy not founded on lust
Filthy tranadian Hitler would have killed you first
how do I post IDs
Die you Canadian anus lover
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Still nope.
>>3716 (OP) 
Ok boylover
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>>3716 (OP) 
If you post men ironically or not you are still gay.  KYS
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>>3716 (OP) 
You've come to die faggot
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>>3716 (OP) 
homofacism is the true path to the american goy
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