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some americans have heard about what is basicaly a handgun ban in canada...

imo i think this was pre-planed and they only introduced it now when they can ride the waves of mindless emotion from the NPCs  

honestly, i think the 2022 freedom convoys scared the everloving shit out of the glowniggers and NWO/WEF babyfucker vampires in ottowa.

litterlay, a handfull of people grew a pair and stood up, and hundreds of thousands of people followed suit. 

imo the WEF/NWO cocksuckers have instructed the fags in ottowa to start taking the guns away in an effort to take the teeth out of any future protests.
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I will reply in 2 weeks.
>>1516 (OP) 
man that Lego Mindstorm... I wanted that one so bad. It was like 300 hyuros
>>1516 (OP) 
no shit sherlock
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