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Psalm 94

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I’d be remiss had I not admit that I’ve been reluctant over posting this, but the more I’ve delved into the matter, the more I found it shaping the very worldview around me, and it’s only proven more and more viable over time,. To my mind it encompasses the entire underground subversive movement, and it seemingly centers around one man,..I’ll probably leave alot of space between the lines, but the only way I could possibly begin to explain this is in chronological green text, so here goes nothing:
>The Beatles were never organic
>The Beatles were a complete and total psyop.
>The Beatles were a direct product of the Tavistock Institute.
>None of their music was written or recorded by them aside from vocal contributions.
>It was admitted that John and Paul entered into a blood pact in the early 60’s just prior to their rise. 
>The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are shilled as a duality,..the former catering to the more wholesome, family oriented demographic to lure them in.
>the latter adhering to the more wayward, rebellious population.
>handlers release The Beatles first pre-written arrangements
>shilled all over corporate media
>music scene blows up in England
>album sales skyrocket, charts are topped.
>literally saving the entire tanking jewish money lender British economy at the time.
>word spreads
>fast forward, The Beatles arrive at JFK airport
>handlers have buses of school girls from Queens, NY brought in to simulate great anticipation.
>radio stations all talking about it
>The Beatles play Ed Sullivan show
>literal drop in overall crime reported in jew york as reported by JYPD during the timeframe of said performance.
>fast forward, at the pinnacle of Beatlemania, John Lennon makes the infamous “We mean more to kids than jesus did”.
>mass Beatle burnings across amerimuttica
>literally buying out record stores stock of Beatles albums and merch just to burn it.
>death threats, many assassination attempts going unreported.
>strain weighs in on the band
>tensions rise
>Paul grows tiresome, starts seeking other outlets
>handlers take notice
>Paul is contacted by a close beatnik film making friend asking him to compose score for a documentary
>documentary is about possible conspiracy over JFK losing his face in Dallas
>Paul agree’s
>handlers decide Paul is becoming too independently minded
>be late summer 1966
>Beatles play their final live performance in August
>Beatles cease announcing tour dates
>Paul drives home late from a studio session 
>Paul is pursued
>Paul is run off the road
>Paul is ritualistically sacrificed on 11, September 1966
>enter 2nd phase
>Paul is replaced with a Tavistock operative allegedly named William Shepherd
>literal mockery of Christianity in that Paul died, and was thus resurrected vicariously through WIlliam
>William is an actual musician and composes their landmark Sgt. Pepper album 
>album cover littered with occult iconography
>album cover has aleister crowley on top left corner
>advent of psychedelic era
>fake Paul appears on numerous shows for interviews promoting usage of lsd
>fake Paul attends Monterey Pop festival to assist in dealing out massive amounts of lsd
>have CIA glownigger Timothy Leary to shill as some new age guru claiming lsd unlocks 3rd eye
>dipshit hippies follow suit
>create entire generation of acidheads, free love, and general debauchery
>create entire generation of rebellious youth beginning to abscond from traditional values
>create entire generation of spineless, docile and chemically induced passivity, around same time as the civil rights movement and non-segregation.
>fast forward to today’s modern day Weimar.
Again,. I’ve paraphrased for the most part, a lot of backstory is required in between. Here are a couple of additional links that could help tie the loose ends I’ve left out here:
>The Winged Beatle documentary
>Beatles Occultology
Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four:

This goes deeper than you could possibly imagine. I dare say that even what was listed in greentext could merely be the superfluous aspects of their nefarious schemes. Regardless, the use of body doubles has been a common practice among them for a very long time. If you’d like another insight into the world of body doubles, look up the movie “The devil’s double”. It tells the story of the person who was ordered to act as the body double of Saddam Hussein’s son Uday Hussein. If you niggers think hunter biden is bad,..you never heard of Uday Hussein.
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Great summary. Excited to dig into these links

These songs in reverse are going to give me nightmares for weeks
Funny you should mention their use of backwards masking. Have you ever heard of the band 'iamaphoney'? According to legend, the group is headed by Billy Martin, who so happens to be the son of George Martin, the beatles head producer. The music iamaphoney produces is literally beatles songs backwards. Its almost unnerving when you hear some of the messages thay were actually contained therein.

Here's a link to the channel, see if you could decipher which songs are which:


He also has a channel with various cryptic videos related to the clues and all, you could find that here:


I'll be checking in periodically, if there are any questions or general discourse, ill respond to the best of my ability. Ive delved into this for a long time and I hope i was able to give at least some insight into something so pervasive.
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page 31 et al
john lennon was a jew - lennon, lenin - geddit? nasal voice sleepy look nose made jokes about jew manager epstein (!), ringo a jew of course, so 3/5 jews who knew?
Replies: >>1566 >>1586

he married a chink, so probably true
also "imagine" which is a jew's wet dream
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>>1507 (OP) 
I first read this thread about 18 months or so ago, I watched the Winged Beatle immediately after, and it's lived in my head ever since. I was a big Beatles fan as a kid, but never really knew much detail surrounding the Paul is dead stuff. It's mental.

I find myself returning to Iamaphonie's YT channel to listen to his versions of the songs, and I'm on the look out for clues every time I see something related to The Beatles.

The hidden messages are everywhere once you know what to look for. The Aleister Crowley connection is mad too.

Heather Mills never spilled the beans, and it looked like she might at one point, which makes me think she was paid off.

The fake mustache.

I keep thinking about what Paul's mum must have gone through, and Jane Asher, bizarrely (that was his gf, I think, or am I thinking of Cliff??).

Sorry if I seem a bit erratic, I'm off my tits on speed and had a sudden urge to reply, but didn't think about what I was going to say so I'm just typing. Puking out words through my fingers as my ex used to say.

I've added Iamaphonie's version of Now & Then because it's full of hidden messages.

I love a bit of speed.
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Gotta go fast sanic boom
wow this is all so retarded it actually hurts my eyes
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