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Psalm 94

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ok NOW this is a music board, you little shits

I've a handful of mega nzs I took the job of uploading in pristine 320CBR (anything above that is pointless, no I will nothave this argument AGAIN) with high quality cover art if anyone's interested, also I can take requests, it's not like it takes hours to upload one fucking album with my shit bandwidth

why don't I start with pic related?

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y'all niggers into music or what
do you have some music in classical genre?
would appreciat
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>>29 (OP) 
idk if this got a good score or what
but it's actually good album i listened to it and i just liked it
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also i like this album give it a listen anons
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eading ass?
ok faggots I'mma make an effort maybe

sharethread y'all, here's some random bullshit for you to sample

Fred Frith - Gravity (1980): Ok listen, goddamn, this album is something else entirely and it'll melt your fucking gonads off, alright? One of the greatest, most innovative, unique guitarists of all time invites you to enjoy the clash of post-'77 experimental guitar music (remember we're talking about the guy who started the Rock In Opposition movement, A.K.A. "what if prog but more complex and less masturbatory") with folklore/traditional music from pretty much everywhere between central Asia and Ireland, Norway and the Magreb, There are no lyrics to distract you from the CHOONS, which after the heavily politically loaded lyrics he normally has let his bandmates write is quite a relief. What's that? Doesn't tickle you? Fuck off then, hope you go deaf and/or die. This is one of the greatest albums of all time, you fuck.

Current 93 - The Inmost Light Trilogy (1995-1996): Yeah so here's the deal, you know industrial music, right? And you know about neofolk? Are you aware that a particular brand of neofolk, affectionately called "apocalyptic folk" derives directly from second wave industrial/post-industrial acts such as Current 93 and Death In June? No? Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle: The other half is listening to what's considered the highlight of the musical project lead by one David Michael Bunting A.K.A. David Tibet (I'm not sure it's their highlight but it comes close) and probably the best/most renowned example of post-industrial apocalyptic folk. This trilogy consists of a full length sandwiched by two one-~20min-long-track EPs which hammer down the dark psychedelic industrial ambient angle so that the acoustic guitars and the desperate recitation of the main album stand out even more. The whole thing is connected not just thematically (the "inmost light" being a term coined by fabulous supernatural horror writer Arthur Machen and ultimately it can be said to refer to the soul, that which is divine in man, etc) but also musically, with let's say some leitmotifs permeating both EPs and the LP. While the lyrics, as anyone who knows anything about C93 should know, are christian-themed, you won't know WHAT THE FUCK he's talking about unless you're both into some deeply esoteric stuff, and somewhat touched in the head. The guy really does a stellar job in bringing the best "manic street preacher with tattered clothes screaming nonsense about Jesus on a rubbish-riddled corner while holding a sign that is pure gibberish" but he executes it in a way that ends up being actually touching. The whole thing is emotionally charged from beginning to end and if, regardless of belief or lack thereof, you can go through this experience untouched then you should consider suicide the very moment the last second of music is over because you're a pointless sack of meat that brings nothing pleasant or useful to the world. I mean it. Consider it. Think about it.

Leda Valladares & María Elena Walsh - Entre Valles Y Quebradas (1955? '56? Around that time. I'm not checking): Argentine northwestern traditional music. Shares a lot with north chilean, bolivian, and southern peruvian folk. It's not entirely devoid of spanish baroque influence, but then again we're talking about people who were conquered the FUCK out, so what else did you expect, goddamn. If "folk music from a place you know shit about" isn't enough to capture your attention then you and I cannot be friends and you're probably an extremely bigoted amerimutt, so keep that shit up and go listen to your jewish-overlord-approved mass produced soulless media until you get the urge to shoot up another school you FUCK

wow I'm exhausted

yeah but you gotta be specific, goddamn, otherwise look me up on slsk
that man recorded two worthwhile albums, over a decade apart, over a decade ago
>idk if this got a good score or what
Who The Fuck Cares About Scores
>i listened to it and i just liked it
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come on you slags
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y'all cowards don't even like >implying, what's up with that
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edit: doy de doy
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Stop talking into the void. Go see a therapist faggot.
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sure. In the meantime, request some music
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*sigh* alright

Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering (2005)
Vashti Bunyan is the Queen Godmother of the softer side of FreakFolk and Psychedelic Folk in general, much like the Incredible String Band is the King Godfather of the more urgent, energetic kind. We all know this. You know this. I know this. The dog that I had to put down two weeks ago knew this.
After recording a number of singles starting in 1965 that were a direct consequence of the Folk Revival movement of the late '50s/early '60s, she wrote, arranged, prepared, recorded, and released to the world one of the sweetest, mellowest, colourful, engaging, memorable and (eventually) influential folk-agnate albums of all time, Just Another Diamond Day, in 1970 (which featured a number of notable folk musicians of the time, amongst them, tellingly, Robin Williamson of The Incredible String Band). As is the case with plenty of masterpieces, particularly when they're a one-off, it didn't particularly make any waves in an already very saturated musical zeitgeist, and disappointed by that fact, Bunyan decided to quit her career as a musician, and retired to a rural commune (created by, again, members of the Incredible String Band). 
She absolutely disappeared from the musical radar for over three decades.
It was at that time that a whole generation of up-and-coming freakfolkers from all over the world (notably Finland, England, France, Canada, and the Jew Ass Ey) unearthed her debut album and fell heads over heel for it. It influenced a wide array of musicians from Current 93, Max Richter, Adem, Glen Johnson, Miki Berenyi (from Lush), Feist, Saint Etienne, Karin Dreijer, Animal Collective, Joanna Newsom, and Devendra Banhart  etc etc etc etc who convinced her to come out of retirement and have a second go at a recording. Thankfully for future generations, they succeeded in their endeavour, and here is the result of 35 years of quiet introspection: A very subdued, intimate, delicate album of acoustic-guitar-driven music that seems like the soundtrack for pleasant, untroubled sleep, or a dreamy, lazy afternoon in a wild english garden. 
Forgoing the more varied and colourful palette of her début, the album is deceivingly simple: Within the scaffold of its barebone timbric skeleton hides the fruits of someone who has had time to perfect their craft in isolation and without having to consider for one second that this craft would be registered, nevermind presented to a judging audience. There is a certain freedom in its restriction, and a wise calm in its discipline. What's more: There in it lives the heart of a now adult and experienced woman who has had an intense, if not public, life. Joined by many talents of the day, some of which I've mentioned above, she managed something so many bands have attempted and failed miserably to do during the past 15 years or so: To come back from a decades long silence with something more than worthwhile to say. The album is simple, touching, inviting, deep, and just lovely. Absolutely lovely. The cover art is a work by Vashti's daughter, the delightfully oneiric, idyllic, pastoral Whyn Lewis.

So, yeah. Hope you fucks like this.
im goin 2 da muzak store anyone want anything
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Get me van gogh hodi 1996 file please
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earn it
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guess you didn't want it bad enough
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i really do. can we chat?
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nah, you're a trashcan full of cunt
quietly posting this just to show off my prowess, might delete in a few min
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girl you must be phil swift cause that flex did a lot of damage
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one can only hope
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