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Psalm 94

ok so let's be a bit more organised I guess: Post what you fucks are listneing to at time of reading this. If you're not listening to anything-- why? What's wrong with you?
ok NOW this is a music board, you little shits

I've a handful of mega nzs I took the job of uploading in pristine 320CBR (anything above that is pointless, no I will nothave this argument AGAIN) with high quality cover art if anyone's interested, also I can take requests, it's not like it takes hours to upload one fucking album with my shit bandwidth

why don't I start with pic related?


The jazz fusionist who debuted right here at /mu/

I'll start
Do any of you have soundcloud or publish your music somewhere?

i wanna hear the dulcet tones of 94channers.

Here's a song I made:
I was trying to think of ways of finding genuine emo music playlists from 07-09 and I thought...where did most people go in the early 2000s that were into that lifestyle?  Its most likely they made playlists to play on their speakers.  Low and behold after searching hot topic and sorting by recently uploaded I found a treasure trove...Including a playlist of live shows performed at them.

Angry women vocals make me happy as fuck.
Latin Jazz Fusion- LJF
Dirty Dirty Dirty Dan is the tag, if you are a chick then feel free to send the voice clips to our email and we will put them in songs

Verse 1:
Down from the sky with evil in their eye
A legion of the damned to fight
Rise up the dark and take control
Stop the Jews from taking hold

A battle for the souls of men
To save us from the evil's hands
No more sacrificing babies to Satan
We won't let the Jews take over the world again

Verse 2:
A clash of steel and a cry of pain
The power of the righteous stand strong
The darkness will not be defeated
Our fate is sealed and we must accept it

A battle for the souls of men
To save us from the evil's hands
No more sacrificing babies to Satan
We won't let the Jews take over the world again

The power of the righteous will overcome
The darkness will never be done
We stand against tyranny and fight
Our freedom will be in our sight

A battle for the souls of men
To save us from the evil's hands
No more sacrificing babies to Satan
We won't let the Jews take over the world again
Post your topsters
Other anons reccomend you an album
What have you been listening to, faggot

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's one
Nothing modern just old school music that had soul.
I just learned this had a video. I'm too high for this shit. Pic related.
For 1980s music lovers, I wanted to recommend an online radio station I have been listening to for over a year.

They have over 20,000 songs, so not only do they have hit singles, they also have album tracks. And you can sign up and request songs too. I have discovered so much good music I never knew existed! Bands/singers from all over the world.

This radio network also has a few other stations, though none of them are my tastes: - Black/Death Metal - Movie Scores - Ambient/Lounge - Classical
any weezer fans here?
Should this be in /vg/, or here? Oh well, I'm placing it here.

Share all of your favourites and any weird stuff from games.
The greatest thing since sliced bread
Relevant lol

Very rarely does youtube get it right when suggesting videos, this was a lucky find.
This has been playing in my heart lately, by the G.O.A.T Nujabes. Rest In Beats.

Post Lo-Fi
Shameless admin posting
hey /m/, i compiled some of the tracks i've made over last few months recently. hope you enjoy it
Some people hate it, some people are saying they like it. I have to say I like it. I'm talking about the new "Girl With Crystal Plumage" song Nic released today:

I have to say, it sounds very different from any of Nic's previous songs lately. It's a sharp departure from "Public Access Death." I think that's what I like about Nic's discography, it has a crazy level of variety to it. This new one is clearly psychedelia-influenced. 

What do you think about it? I thought it was pretty good, all things considered
HEllo, anyone here thinks rythm games help musical skills? Perhaps recommend me one? Or any games that helps you, play melody correctly? Other than synthesia definitely lol
Is pretty good

A real bop

we mid 2000s again bois

Expand your mind then kys

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