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Is there any reason I shouldn't carry a 9mm 17+1? Thinking about a second, ankle size. Any ideas about what I should start looking at for those?
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because .45 exists?
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But I really like having 18 buddie's and 17 behind them.
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Any wonder-9 as long as it's not made by Taurus or some other brazil-tier company is gonna work just fine.
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taurus isn't awful but there's no real need for one unless you wanna swing around an ol big iron
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>Is there any reason I shouldn't carry a 9mm 17+1?
It's heavy and hard to conceal.
Why not a little cz or makarov for personal defense?
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Just get a Glock 19. 15+1 is more than good enough. 
9mm has more kinetic energy than .45. As such it makes for better hollowpoint rounds.
Makarovs are just Hi-points but built competently. They're only worth using in that role if you don't have access to anything in 9MM Parabellum.
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