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Psalm 94


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Neal Rauhauser is a proven fed collaborator. He has trolled, harassed and snitched on various anons over the years.

H4X0R5, frens, my fellow Steves of this fine /i/nsurgency, I beseech you. 
Let's troll the troll.

As an aside, his ED page 403's for some reason. I'm assuming tor is blocked instead of just being read-only, which is, frankly, retarded. 
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oh boy, glow bait

why even use tor if you're gonna be this dumb

edit: Go back to bed, Kirtaner
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>>99 (OP) 
NYPA glownigger
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Neal is the original LARPer. He finds gullible and impressionable people and between screenshots of his dumb ElasticSearch servers used to stalk other nobodies, he also occasionally falls into “Internet Warlord” mode. (Yes, he calls himself that).
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His obsession with Barrett Brown is weird. Brown hasn’t done anything to Neal. He’s just been a guy targeted by the state. 

So for Neal to also target Barrett is weird. 

Classic Rauhauser trick is to play both sides of a target. Get in first under an alt, build trust, then attack from your real account. Then, your alt can feed the target bullshit so that they spin their wheels. 

And the goal is usually to get info that slips out after long, protracted conversations. It can be anything that people couldn’t learn publicly. 

Realize that every claim Neal makes here is not accurate. He’s LARPing to this audience. In this case it’s the former editor of Vice, Rocco Castoro. (sn CappyCarlo). In Rocco’s defense, he doesn’t realize that he’s being taken for a ride (at the time). He realizes it now. And he’s not stupid. But nearly everyone else Neal targets with his LARP fall for it. Carolyn Orr (@RVAWonk) did. She took everything produced by Neal and turned it into press. So much so that when Orr would get published, Neal, in back channels, would repeatedly say “we got some good press” or similar.
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Proof of the last point with Carolyn Orr, Neal is “Netwar System” 

Link to Orr archive

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Also, we know that in order to get to any of these “journalists”, or to Neal, the tried and true method is to go through Libby Shaw, his secretary. 

The below direct message is with her old StBridgetAthena account (suspended) 

And the premise is plausible but not true. It’s strictly to see how willing they would be to bite on something that wasn’t true and knew wasn’t true. They can’t resist a LARP.
Neal has been up to some other shit too, there will be a drop coming in the next few weeks, probably on /pol/
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I don't regret telling his handler I fucked his dad. What an insufferable glownigger. Reap what you sow, Neal.
I have just been informed that this is nachash. (disregard this I can't read irclogs despite spending 20 years on multiplayer notepad but anyway)

Lol fuck this retard.
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Very excited to post this here.

I've been trying to chase Neal down for the Anonymous Foreign Affairs Desk since last spring, but he keeps avoiding me. What's it going to take to get this guy to give me a statement on what he did to make so many people hate him?
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have you tried sucking his dick
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no, he isn't allowed to enjoy the interview. it must be tense and stressful for him.
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that's why *you* gotta do it

It's easy to make him not enjoy the interview while sucking him off
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