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Psalm 94


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/i/ Call their bluff.
They've claimed to have exposed me this is when you know you have spoken truth to power. This is full war! RELEASE MY IDENTITY

If they can't /i/ I'm a god, there's already two moderators looking for me now IHM herself. This proves I'm telling the truth.

I just have to say to them is buckle up, I won't give in.

Harassment to the fullest
>>981 (OP) 
You've started to grow on me, you use to be a faggot but this takes some balls.
>>981 (OP) 
Alright I'll bite I'm calling IHM's bluff
>>981 (OP) 
No, lol
Replies: >>987
>>981 (OP) 
checked and whitepilled
Keep fighting for the insurgency, personally I lost respect for the mods when they started censoring that thread awhile back

Hopefully she sees you are right and removes them
Replies: >>987
>>981 (OP) 
Leave IHM alone just focus on the janitors they are the real shitbags 

>Bluff called
Replies: >>987
I never wanted a fight with her or Hobocide. The jannies is what I'm after. As you all know Captain is a literal fed and lied about being hacked to save face.

Klap is from pedochan, that Norwegian cunt is a crackhead just check the server. She stands by them when all of them are using her website for their own personal gain. They've convinced her I'm enemy number one.

Replies: >>1009
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Here check Captain just about to cuck and step down kek

This was given by one of my sources, apparently they are after them as well
>At this point just put a bullet in my head

Demoralized god that dude is pathetic
If he was that retarded to get all of his information stolen he deserved it, fuck the feds
lol that screencap is old as fuck
What a fucking dumbass.
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>>981 (OP) 
Replies: >>994
Expose me already. Unless you can't
Everyone they are currently shit talking me in the Discord server saying I fearful when I just called them out on their bluff,

You heard it first they have nothing on me
Replies: >>996 >>997
Top kek
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Replies: >>998

Anyway I thought you weren't going to reply to me keep losing cunt

>That's why I'm not engaging

I keep staying rent free, even that klap pedo is sucking you off in the Discord server calling everyone fake.

No one on these boards like me they just hate the mods
Replies: >>999
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>That's why I'm not engaging
Replies: >>1001 >>1004
Nice get, king of /i/
Fucking finally /i/ hit 1k
Shit took forever
Replies: >>1003
You can thank me later I did more to grow this board that the actual mods and admins combined my energy cannot be matched
The Get is good, but fuck you
Replies: >>1005
Kill yourself, keep sucking the dicks of the jannies. IHM is just stupid and don't realize one of her mods help me get the information I have.

Just rats on the ship need to clear house. That 99chaner is always on my ass in the Discord server he keeps saying its boring yet constantly talks about me he thinks I'm 13 is maybe the reason.

More to come soon fuckers
Replies: >>1006 >>1007
I'll mark my calendar you'll still be a faggot.
Should I go into the Discord server and confront them directly?

Replies: >>1010
I didn't do shit to you, fuckface. You started it with me.
Replies: >>1011 >>1031
Yes do it pussy
Is this captain or the crackhead?
Replies: >>1012
Learn to read.
Replies: >>1013
Welp if you can't say it then whatever, if you are the fed boy /i/ has the right to know their mods are feds. If its the crackheaad speaking meh
Replies: >>1014
Tldr you didn't read
Replies: >>1015
To be fair you really didn't say shit dude, I think you all should invite him here and hash it out personally

Mods and Jannie are petty as hell

IHM kill them all please
Replies: >>1016 >>1018
"i can't read" - u, circa 5 billion years after the universe exists
I'm waiting for the discord arrival.
Replies: >>1021
I respect Jannie more the mods are stupid cry babies that shit talk every board in the discord server
Replies: >>1019 >>1020
You exist solely for our amusement
Alright all of /i/ is watching, I want to say my peace and don't want to be dogpilled by your cocksuckers 

I'll be there in 3 hours maybe I'll even turn against Claire who knows, debate with IHM just her
Replies: >>1022 >>1023
I just asked the mods to not ban you if you arrive. We can DM or you can speak there. Up to you.
Replies: >>1024
three fucking hours? what, you have a life all of a sudden?
Replies: >>1024
Deal. I'll be there soon

I know you want more of me :)
Replies: >>1025
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How convenient.
Replies: >>1027
So my discord is being spam reported. My telegram is @tetrachromat. I'll update with new contact info as needed.
Replies: >>1029
If you retards would have listened it was Flounder. He clearly wanted me to help him
Replies: >>1028 >>1030
We know, retard. You're watching the chats, learn to read.
Replies: >>1029
You can't be serious right now kek
Just kill that methhead and you'll be fine he's the only faggot that reported the server 

Along with that other bitch 

You clearly tagged me as if I had something to do with that you stupid inbreed nigger
Replies: >>1031
I'm still on discord for now. Come forward, do it in DMs if you'd prefer.
Replies: >>1032
Learn to read

This shit is wild >>1030
You guys going to make another one?
Replies: >>1033 >>1035
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I have the server backed up so I won't lose anything of consequence, plus I've been banned before.
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Yeah, but without the stickers and emoji and shit. I'm not redoing that again. I'm still on the fence about whether to make it text only, etc.
y'all in the chats or what? why no replies?
Replies: >>1037
1. Not a fed, don't believe everything you hear on the internet, especially from someone who is bipolar and schizophrenic, 99% of what I say that's attached to my name is bullshit and if you haven't figured that out by now, you're dumber than I fucking thought you were.

2. I literally give zero shits about most of you because other than IHM, HOMICIDE, and most of the staff. you're all brain dead degenerates who didn't like me from the start so why should I care what you think about me now when you never had a positive position

3. Dear Lord please use the report button when you see illegal content so we can remove it instead of bitching about it in the threads, that way, we get pinged and can take down the cp and other shit by being directed where to go. 

I have never seen so many people cry so hard over nothing in my life, I hope you face some real adversity at some point so you can become well rounded people
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