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"I'd like to remain anonymous, she's fucking crazy and flipped out on me"

To protect their privacy I changed the wording expect major leaks soon!
>>903 (OP) 
You better might let us down
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Nobody cares.
Replies: >>907
Did you fucking die writing that?
>>903 (OP) 
The moderators have proven once again they are literal shit and that IHM should fire them all.

I hope your grandmother is well
Replies: >>908
Thank you anon, just announced she is!
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>>903 (OP) 
I'm calling it its that pedo 99chaner
You need to fire your mods, I swear they are just not loyal and keep power tripping. If this faggot exposes them that should be it.

Also glad your grand mother is alright may she stay alive for another 600 years
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>>903 (OP) 
Nevertheless I shall have my popcorn ready
Thank you, anon. No worries. If she's talking about what I think she is, that person wasn't a mod, he just had the role on the discord. I do however know this faggots discord account now, so what sort of abomination should I advertise it as on /soc/
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Breaking News: Research Study suggests no you don't
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Enjoy your horny 4channers looking to rape a femboy.
Next time instead of baiting, how about you stop teasing my boards and using up server space and actually drop something?
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Breaking News: You are delusional please continue to post it. I will remain here still exposing your degenerate staff. : )
Replies: >>916 >>919
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No lady balls, do it we have to see it now.
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/i/ call her bluff if she has anything on me I'll accept my faith. This will prove to you all I stand for the insurgency!!

If its not me then she's full of shit
Replies: >>920 >>923 >>928
How are you exposing anyone with anything? Confused Claire and your fantasy e-world that seems to override all touch with reality
I'm down fuck it 
You won't expose him

>There I did it
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Your balls right now
It's on /soc/ and I used a tranny furry from tumblr as the pic. Open season for dong insertion @ Janny's blasted asshole.
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/i/ when it comes to support insurgency and those that hate him
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Who will win? How much autism will  come of this?
Replies: >>930
>I stand for the insurgency!!
What insurgency? Whose?
>they are just not loyal and keep power tripping
How? Where?

I expected better from /i/
That crazy drug addict couldn't dox me if I gave her my address.

She knows her staff is fucked and I won.
Replies: >>931 >>932
Me. I have violent autism.
Replies: >>933
What didja win
Keep complimenting yourself and talking to yourself, Claire. You have lost lmao epic weeeeeeen BREAKING NEWS CLAIRE THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD
Where is the link for us? Show /i/ this autism.
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Nice samefag, forgot the name field tho big brain
Replies: >>936 >>937
Drama is getting good
Replies: >>938 >>940
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Lmao Someone give Claire her meds before she embarasses herself any further
I think that is him kek
He's just saying where's the link like all of us since we are tired of him too. Why not just end this faggot here?
Replies: >>938
Also I just posted on >>935
Since we have to clarify
/i/ Doesn't even like me same with /pol/ now they are so butthurt they are calling their own users me.

Still waiting on this exposure link, I checked /soc/ nothing is on there she's full of shit.
is it though
Replies: >>942
Well seems like this faggot won again since everyone is too afraid to do anything. Imagine being cucked by this retard.
Then why are you even here, feel free to go back to pornhub
Replies: >>943
calm down
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Breaking News: Klapaucius was token logged. Successfully extracted information can prove that this mod was lying to cover up his own incompetency
Wait does this mean you hacked that idiot for real?
That's 2 different people. Anything else?
Replies: >>948
how are those pictures related
What a fucking retard, how do you get all of your banking information stolen like that? His ss was hacked OMEGALUL

Guessing he can see everything that other guy can see. Since he's been token logged
Replies: >>949
He hasn't. Janny is lying for attention as per usual and again we don't care.
Replies: >>951
So you are telling me this nigger lied about not being hacked to save face? You hacked another mod and gained access to whatever he's seeing.

That's retarded he got fucked like that.
If that dude logged him there would be no way of knowing. That means everything you said to him he would know
Replies: >>952
Let the logs begin then, I sincerely don't care.
He sounds like a complete dumbass
Ask yourselves this. If Janny could do anything, such as stealing tokens from sessions on discord, why haven't they done it to me? Oh, because Janny hasn't done anything I didn't grant them the power to do. 

Jump, Janny. Dance.
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Don't ever believe them that I don't piss them off greatly /i/. All information was given to me by a recently ousted moderator.And the logging.

A moderator wasn't ousted recently. 
Yes, please post more, dance as you are instructed to.
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You actually delivered good lulz today today
Replies: >>961 >>966
Oh no, you are going to get the Kiwifarms boys after you. TOPKEK
A month ago you were insurgency janny, why are you talking to yourself?
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Not in the drama, no one owns tor ips if you use another ip that someone else used then your ID will be the same.
Replies: >>963 >>964 >>971
They haven't found that out don't tell them.
Replies: >>965
Not in the drama but blaming it on overlapping is kinda old now
Replies: >>971
Not in the drama, but you suck fat dicks
>You actually delivered good lulz
fuckn w h e r e
What in the hell is happening now?
Replies: >>968 >>969
Not in the drama
Replies: >>971
litearlly fuckall
A whole lotta nothing.

Not in the drama, but not in the drama not in the drama
He deserved it be honest. If all your personal shit like that gets hacked then you are a nigger when relates to IQ.
Some of the most autistic shit I seen, "dox" what is this 2015?
Replies: >>974
at least autists tend to make *some* sense
Replies: >>975
> at least autistic tend to make some sense
>Insurgency sends picture 
>In picture someone is trying to dox another person that uses an anonymous message board 
>Doesn't know anything about him 

Replies: >>976
yeah, that's what I'm hinting at, doofus
Replies: >>977
Are you that guy in the screenshot? Because no one was defending him until now. And the Discord server?

If so you are the biggest dumbass there.
Replies: >>978
dude, no one's defending anyone
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