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4chan is straight up accepting ads for pedophile (MAPs) AMAs on the site.
Look at this banner ad, the colors on the symbol in the middle are the "MAP Pride" flag.
Archive and proof: https://archive.ph/yQM0i
Am I getting something wrong or is 4chan straight up accepting money from a pedophile to promote their AMAs on the site?
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The logo is extremely similar to the one for Pampers.....
You know, the company that makes diapers for babies. Yeah this isn't looking good.
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I think the colours are a a coincidence, but if you look closely, whatever the first banner is, that game or whatever is clearly diaper-fetish-related, so the Pampers thing is obviously a reference. Pretty sure you're reading too much into it with the pedo stuff, though if you want to tattletale to Pampers on that Gelata bullshit for copyright infringment you're welcome and encouraged to
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>reading too much into the pedo stuff
This is 4chan, are you serious my nigga?
Also this is also a diaper fetish furry on vrchat, you really think pedo is that much of a stretch here? Maybe you should read more threads on kiwifarms. A lot of these degenerates are highly correlated. There's no way this was an "accidental coincidence".
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thats just offensive

it's called a "consent accident"
I was working on the info that was in this thread exclusively, my dude. By all means assert the conclusion you had already arrived to, just don't phrase it like you're not 100% sure about it.
>you really think pedo is that much of a stretch here?
Anything's a stretch without compelling evidence.
Anyway, my main point was that the pampers thing is clearly a reference, not something that was meant to be a secret nod to those "in the know". It's not
>extremely similar to the one for Pampers
It literally IS the one for Pampers.
>Maybe you should read more threads on kiwifarms.
No, I'm fine, thanks

So, what's the plan?
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The ad is ran through Danbo (https://danbo.org/), other people have shown that contacting advertisers and complaining can work.
Someone got exoclick to drop 4chan as a business partner last year.

Danbo's contact email:
[email protected]

Their own "Terms of Service"

>Distribution of pornographic content

Literally saw an ad for a porn steam game on there even

fuck 4chan's income stream up
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Breaking News: /rx/ alcoholic unmasked Peyton West also recently joined their discord sever. Going to get them fired for using extreme amounts of alcohol.  

Moderator unmasked nezabyvaj by far the weakest link in the moderation team he also drives a 
Ford Mondeo
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Also who tf is peyton west? That's not a very russian name
Last edited by nezabyvaj
Lol, this thread
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insurgency janny has sucked so many dicks as of recent, does he ever get enough?
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here is a book for your so you can blow the mods cocks better
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Lmao insurgency janny is such a little sissy trying to be the mods bitch but no one seems to give him any attention
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>h-here is a book for your s-so you can blow the mods cocks better ;_;
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