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Psalm 94


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Kiwifarms is for obsessed stalkers that really don't have any lives outside of shitting on faggots. 

What if we raid some of the threads with false information just for the lulz? Thoughts we all know that it will be censored into oblivion anyway. Let's have some fun with some of the users
>>647 (OP) 
People unironically use that website? Most of the threads are not even good just schizo ramblings and people that cannot stop thinking about troons.

I deleted my account after 2015/16ish it brings nothing of value except doxing that one bitch jankie. That was funny.
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The shepard should not pick fights with the grain farmer inside the windmill, backwards strawberry patch anon.
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There's only achievement to this day. I believe that Null doesn't even care if the website dies he just wants to look like some hero that fought for "free speech" most kiwi people are starting to feel this way. Anyway I don't care about that website at all.
>>647 (OP) 
i already do that to now get on my level anon

kiwi will be the death of the internet it looks so bad that no normie will stand up for its existence the more its used as the frontrunner the sooner we all lose.

making every chan and catalog website look horrible. if Joshua is the leader we all follow we are fucking doomed
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Is this english?
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Go away Ralph.
I don't speak it that well I speak french
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>>647 (OP) 
Just let it die. It will perish like LiveLeak in the next 4 years.
hélas, je suis étonné
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Bon oui, je viens de commencer à apprendre l'anglais récemment à cause de ma petite amie.
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>>647 (OP) 
petit conseil: ne perdez pas ton temps en apprenant quelque chose pour satisfier une femme. Tu resterais plus content en rien comprendre quoiqu'elle dit
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Je l'apprends vraiment pour moi-même, mais elle était l'incitation, nous sommes ensemble depuis 6 ans.
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>6 ans
doux jésus
eh bien, bonne chance
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>>647 (OP) 
Report the domain and it will be down in hours like it always is.
We do not shit where we eat.
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merci mec, j'espère que ça va bien pour toi aussi ! >>661
I don't use that place so I'm not shitting where I eat.
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I go there to read, they documented Kirtaner very well and I was glad to contribute.
Replies: >>669 >>671
I really don't care if that site lives or dies I'm tired of hearing about it.
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Suit yourself, I don't see anything like this succeeding and I don't condone it.
Oh no! My stalker notes!

> Anyway
nice get
I just reported the domain now sit back and watch both sides seethe and cope.

> Kiwifags: nooo this is the end of free speech how will i obsessively stalk people now!!!

>Also troons in a week's time: No ItS BaCK uP HoW dID thiS hAPPEN!!???
Replies: >>673 >>675
Too many keks
Game plan:
Report the domain as many times as we can.

Say you are a troon, deeply concerned with your personal safety and that this site promotes harmful content.

Change your IP so this can appear to becoming from multiple people. share attachments and screenshots of:

Anyone saying Nigger 
People talking bad about troons
Any information that can be considered private 
etc etc
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did that make you feel better anon?
i think they're used to it by now.
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>>647 (OP) 
Fatrick, nobody will ever read your books
None of us here care about Kiwi. This is the insurgency. We are neutral on everything unless we want to laugh.
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>inb4 we are anonymous we are legion
We got to get CenturyLink and Arelion to start sink-holing him again.

I can make some reports can someone report to Arelion?


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Information Updated: 2023-01-23 05:27:29
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historical records say: no
The largest honeypot domain provider.
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aah, the year the Internet received its death wound
Null is such a moron that in the tech community he's largely burned most of his bridges. No wonder he'd resort to using Epik I wonder why people even trust this retard to begin with.

Kiwifarms was hacked because of some basic ass XSS injections that some script kiddies pulled off. He was yelling in the Telegram like a complete incompetent fool. Like come on man he barley knew what was wrong.

I was on xxs forums when it happened every hacker was laughing their asses off. I think Lapsus hacked him I'm not sure about that though.
Replies: >>686 >>687
> Retards leading the retards
Wasn't Lucas even laughing at him on stream when this happened? Lucas somehow looking more intelligent than him, when Lucas is one of the biggest idiots ever.
Imagine being so butthurt about a "consent accident" you try to ruin the entire network infrastructure by complaining and then trying to come across at the same time as elite based hackers. You guys are pathetic
Replies: >>689
Wait here's the steam:
Replies: >>689
The funny part was that it wasn't even "elite hackers" it was just some skids that knew more than him. Ruining the entire network infrastructure? Dude I can tell that you don't know anything about networking based off that comment.

Its been ruined since 2015, hackers and infosec people been trying to warn you retards ever since. You are just seeing it now since captain troon man's website's is getting fucked.

 KEK making troons look smarter than him can't relate
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Too bad its still up :)
Don't do anything stupid everyone can't play into the optics just report to advertisers that these domain providers are hosting this site and that you are scared for your life it will be down in a couple weeks.
Replies: >>692
Two more weeks...you could say
Replies: >>693
I'm not sure why even anyone cares about this site. If anything its one of the least important ones out there worth fighting for. 

It was down not even two weeks ago. What are you on about its normal for that place to go down, I use it I should know.
Replies: >>694
If nobody cares about the site then its not worth taking down :)
Replies: >>696
Hello kiwifarms. Forgive the autism on this board, as much as I try to contain it you can only wrangle so many tards at once in the chromosome surplus store that is this website. The staff of 94chan doesn't condone this "raid" nor will OP ever be a woman.
Last edited by ihm
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I don't care either way. If it is and I get some laughs then it was worth it.
Kiwifarms doesn't care about what these retards are saying. Why even give them more air to breathe? Most of these people just want to see the world burn. 

Thanks for giving them attention
i don't see the point in expending energy on a site that may or may not get actively blackholed/nullrouted globally by entire ISPs on any given day, but I've actively participated in Habbo raids so I'm not in a position to talk about wasting time but given how our traffic numbers do funny things when kiwifarms is under attack by the ADL or WWE or whomever, this is as dumb as when /i/ raided itself last week

anyway thats my peace, back to retards having headbutt fights
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Breaking News: IHM sells out her own board to the wrath of kiwicels! Better get ready to have pictures taken outside your house!!
Replies: >>700 >>703 >>705
Now tell me keffalsisters, whats your thoughts on age of consent?
Replies: >>702
Mostly his doing. No company wants to host his site mostly due to the culture. 4chan is doing what he is trying to do way better. Its a reason its not blackholed into oblivion.

 Kill yourself pedophile
>>699 IHM is in love with Null that's why even though he doesn't care about anyone.
Replies: >>704
Stop being an active faggot, you and any kiwi telegram sped playing counter gayop faglord

you're all equally great at sucking dick but this isn't a truck stop bathroom
She's a kiwifed
Damn looks like the eunichs were scared off

Kiwifarms: Its just documenting I swear so we track everything they are doing in order to laugh at them. So for example gathering all their information like name, dob, online profiles, where they live, their friends.......

> Why won't no one host us!
Replies: >>708
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Replies: >>710
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I stand corrected
>You have to like KF or you are a tranny

You people are mentally ill
Remember you talk bad about Kiwifarms they'll shut you down

>Free Speech 100

If kiwifags can't take people mocking them then they are just as bad as the troons
Replies: >>713
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Hello Kiwifarms.
I do not consent to being tracked in any way!

Kiwifarms is just a crowdfunded NSA
no one on the internet can take people mocking them
Replies: >>714 >>715
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I can it literally doesn't matter. Are you suggesting that kiwifags are just as thinned skinned as troons?

Also then what's the argument about troons being cry babies then?   

Kiwifags cannot make their mind up on anything.
Replies: >>716 >>717
>>713 Taking the internet that seriously then log the fuck off or stay on myspace faggot
Replies: >>716
I am suggesting that no one on the internet can take people mocking them
you're replying to me with my own point
If you have to take down a site for embarassing info on you then yes
Replies: >>718
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Kiwifarms is listening remember you all are being reported to Joshua Moon and the cyber police!!

>>717 Everyone here is just laughing at Kiwifarms and want to see both sides cry.

Also if you just said that people can't take getting mocked on the internet then taking a site down because it has embarrassing information on you would be logical especially if it was all legal too

>acting like people want to have information on them forever
Replies: >>719
whose everyone?
Replies: >>723
Kiwifarmers unironically make the same talking points the government makes when they want massive amounts of personal information on you.

What kind of mentally fucked logic is this right now? Who the hell would want millions of people knowing inmate details about then at the click of a button? 

This isn't even a kiwifarm issue this is literally a privacy issue which I can't stand for.

Like if most of these kiwifaggots had their information posted on a left-wing site they would be crying like hell.
Replies: >>721
God damn how many ips do you have?
your everyone
Breaking News: Pro-Kiwi and Anti-Kiwi faggots fight it out over if the site is made for faggots to track troon pedophiles

IHM has went radio silent masturbating to her null pillow 

HomelessHomicide is maybe learning what flags are 

Stay tuned!
Replies: >>725 >>726
Kill yourself
Replies: >>727
have you learned any other way of starting a post that's not "breaking news"
Literal jannie faggot
Breaking News: IHM has just orgasmed from fucking her Null body pillow Homicide couldn't get it up mostly due to all the alcohol he drunk over the years leaving him with severe erectile dysfunction
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