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Psalm 94


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Crossposting this on as many /i/ boards as I can.

Recently, Twitter art policers have started to go after Mike Inel, an NSFW artist and animator for making porn of The Amazing World of Gumball several years ago.

Mike is just one in a long line of NSFW artists who have been hassled online by terminally online and terminally fandom kids with no ambitions, goals, father figures, or pussy in the forseeable future.

Maybe it's time to start milking some lulz from them.
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>>568 (OP) 
So he draws lolicon. Cool, gonna add this pedo to my list of targets.
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>I'm gonna add him to my list of targets
>muh personal targets
My how IHM has lost the way of /i/nsurgency. Almost like there was a saying about personal vendettas or something... like... not being your personal army or something?
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the OP is literally requesting a perosnal army
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In no world will I ever defend a degenerate coomer faggot that draws nude anime cartoons of underage characters and attacking me for it makes you look just as bad as him. 

Also, on old /i/ we'd raid bad OPs like this. Learn your history, faggot.
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Because I totally want to waste my fucking time on Twitter or any other social media site trying to bait for a pedo 

Fuck off
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No he isn't. Where do you see anon bring up a personal vendetta or personal issue compared to IHM?

>In no world will I ever defend a degenerate coomer faggot that draws nude anime cartoons of underage characters
>Learn your history, faggot.
Would you like to take a look at the internet of old and see how that would fly?
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Well here's the thing: You don't have to.
I am old internet. This chan is also old internet. OP must have us confused for /baph/
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>I'm spamming this across several chans: Twitter people are doing shit I don't like. Let's milk them for teh lulz xD

That's personal army speak. You can't ad hominem your way out of this one.
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>I am old internet.
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My ED page was written in 2009, 4 whole years after I became active on 4chan/7chan/420chan/711chan in that order. How many of those chans had /i/ boards? I'll wait.
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Brotha, is /r/ing a raid against Habbo Hotel "personal army speak" because "hurr durr the Habbo mods were doing stuff I don't like". Where is the line between personal army and doing lulz?
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711chan, 888chan, 314chan, 4chon.org, rockstarchan, Doxchan, etc. Every futaba style imageboard running Kusaba X around that time were running /i/ boards alongside yours.

What's your point?
Replies: >>582
You forgot two of them and I literally handed them to you. Which chan did /i/ start on? Point is, if you know the history, how do you not know raids against bad OPs? Oh right, because you read about it instead of being there.
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I said *around that time. 

No fucking shit 7 and 420 were the forefathers of raiding and invasions. You were around that time, sure, but the fact you told OP about "adding him to MY list of targets" brings your own knowledge about /i/ into question.

94chan was a small chan around 2008 compared to the titans, which isn't a big deal, but how would have 7, 420, and 711 reacted to that kind of statement?
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Oh they'd be mad because they're all pedophiles too, but they'd also be smart enough to stay out of my way. Did you miss that memo? I'd be happy to talk about it. 

Anyone who knows me knows I violently despise pedophiles, am very loud about it, and to not bring it to my yard. Pedophiles are targets and I hope this anime nigger gets shot, not only for being a pedophile but for also being a coomer anime loving weeaboo faggot.
>Brotha, is /r/ing a raid against Habbo Hotel "personal army speak" 
>Where is the line between personal army and doing lulz?
emotional investment such as OP is showing

Give up.
Replies: >>586
OP posted that shit and just dipped, looking at the IDs.
Replies: >>589
>>568 (OP) 
Hell yeah I'll do my best to fuck this guy up
point being?
She want's us to kill this faggot like a personal army.

> No
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If I want something done I'll do it myself.
Replies: >>592
> We're not your personal army
Replies: >>593
Sounds like literal fed bait

IHM didnt post this, some buttmad cartoon porn enthusiast did.
One day, /i/ will learn how to read. Not today though!
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Someone delete this retarded faggot thread it's got to be one of the most fed post on this site
Yo why is /i/ now grey??
Make it back black
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God complex  
You were laughed at by the old internet only in the new internet you've managed to gain some new respect
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was it really worth the cloudflare challenge to post something this retarded
Replies: >>602
Its for readability. You can set whatever theme you want in the user settings menu, top right. Black theme is Amoled.
You were too drunk faggot. HomelessHomicide I wonder why you people think most in the old community respect either of you.

Both are actual lolcows forever
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At least people know who I am.
I forgot the part where I gave a fuck. Thanks for coming to our website to tell us how unimportant we are or whatever you were doing.
OP is a pedophile
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