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Psalm 94


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Recently, there's been some new moderator make the rounds here that continues to use their powers wrongfully. 

I'd urge all of you to contact the administrators personally and get this page to the front.

"Hidden user"   

-Edited numerous comments completely
-Removed pictures for absolutely no reason
-Generally been a dickhead

Find this retard and let's get him removed
You're an illiterate faggot.
Bump >>537 (OP) 
Replies: >>540 >>543
There's been another moderator added in the Discord server he just showed. >>537 (OP) 

I'm in both chats and this faggot is downright retarded in most of their conversations.
Replies: >>543 >>544 >>546
itt: crybab/i/es

samefagging, you can tell because he doesn't know how to format posts
I'm pretty sure that the admins will see this its pretty fucking hard to deny at this rate.
What's the user's tag?
Replies: >>545 >>546

youuuu caaaaaant reeeeeead
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>>537 (OP) 
Replies: >>547
((( I am literally namefaggging in the thread and have been, please pay attention )))



Imagine saying to people they are samefagging because they all use tor. This has to be some of the most dumb logic I ever heard. Like people on a board for raids wouldn't use it.
Replies: >>549
You also type like all your toys as a kid came from a paint can
Replies: >>550
Alright that makes no sense. Firstly, I have nothing to do with this its just the only thing on /i/ lately. Second if you don't like it delete the thread you stupid idiot.
Replies: >>554
I am stuck in bed on my period :(
Do over tomorrow? Have mercy /i/ I'm much too sick
too many lulz here.
just delete the thread instead of calling everyone's post illiterate. 
you have the power I'm personally bored of these threads.
Replies: >>553 >>554
That admin is clinically retarded he got laughed at by /pol/ for confusing basic flags. Too much alcohol in the brain.
Replies: >>555
>delete the thread
>delete the thread
Come on now, surely you don't mean it
I don't drink and you cunts dont understand humor
Replies: >>556
You did
Replies: >>557
I also played the clarinet, ama
Replies: >>558
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>>537 (OP) 
Last edited by nezabyvaj
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>>537 (OP) 
Sir. This is an imageboard not a reddit
>>537 (OP) 
Shut up go back to reddit
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Breaking News: IHM and HomelessHomicide locked the thread laughing at them
LOL! Anyways.
Replies: >>609
What's new they both have the most fragile egos on the planet, she literally said she was the old internet yet can't take the slightest mockery. Moot use to get mocked into oblivion and for the most part just laughed at people
Shut up woman, men and talking
Replies: >>610 >>611
Sorry for interrupting your gay date from blackpeoplemeet.com

Goodnight /i/
Fucking idiot can't spell
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really? looked like a personal army thread to me

do you do anything besides shit on people who upset you?
Replies: >>613
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I laugh at all stupid people.
Those that act like they are the "old internet" and can't take people laughing at them are frauds.
Replies: >>614 >>616 >>620
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I didn't see a woman
Replies: >>617 >>618 >>619
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Of course you don't because you're a faggot like IHM said
KEK, /i/'s hero
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Damn he must have pissed off the jannies hounds. IHM is based, but keep shitting on these uncover jannies

Replies: >>621
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>doesn't understand how to format a reply
What happened now this place always pops off when I'm about to fucking sleep
Replies: >>623
>>622 Some dude is being a dick toward the mods again or something like that its funny to watch
Replies: >>624
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anon is upset because a personal army thread got locked and is having a meltdown, lol
Replies: >>625
Personally I'd just leave the thread unlocked so people can mock the hell out of the faggot that made it
Replies: >>626
either that or it should've been locked before it got retarded
Replies: >>630
"Hidden User"
Replies: >>629
Last edited by Hidden User
Yeah you are maybe right, who's the insurgency_Jannie he was on /pol/ too.
Replies: >>631 >>632
idk, namefagging is for admins and faggots imo
>>630 I'm the god of this website I exist to make the jannies kill themselves. I really don't care about the admins though they're alright.
Dangerously Insanely based
And you are quite the attention whore, what exactly are you crying about faggot?
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Why does "god" have such a fragile ego
Well you are doing that the mods are seething. Just don't be mean to IHM and Homicide
Replies: >>639
I don't hate them otherwise I wouldn't be using this website. The jannies as you all know are faggots.

Also, I am a faggot too and I drink semen for breakfast.
Last edited by Hidden User
Replies: >>640 >>641 >>642
You are butthurt due to getting banned for posting gore and having it pointed out that you are massively samefagging all over the boards?.
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>>639 Doing some fine work.
Replies: >>643 >>645

If the jannies are faggots why do you drink semen for breakfast
Replies: >>645
imagine being so obsessed with trannyjannies that you make it your entire persona
Replies: >>646

You can't even read the "new circuit" button smh
just check out pol he finally got exposed as a schizo samefag
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