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Why does this Dystopian Cyberpunk trope not exist irl? Why is there no elite hacker groups working to take down globohomo like the Juggernaut Collective from Deus Ex? Are Hacker groups just leftist cowards filled with CIA fake and gheys? 2nd Question why isn't places like 4chan not full of leet hackers and shit? Have we really been reduced to just memes in a ((( brave ))) new world?
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they were all derailed into lgbtqiap+ groups after occupy wall st almost caused people to have inconvenient thoughts
>>182 (OP) 
This is the final stronghold of the webz man, the rest is dead and infested by the troon virus. We are the last ones left, the final hope of humanity.
Charge your lazers, un-gape your asshole and join the cause because this is it
>>182 (OP) 
Chanology was the beginning of this infiltration of feds and media in the chan and hacker groups, then operation wallstreet cemented it. Notice also how both of these happened under Obama. Really makes you think.
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