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Dear /i/...

It's time for something to be done about the cancer known as "soyjak.party".

For the past year or two, they have been shitting up chans with "soyjaks", and making Anonymous look like reddit or 9fag.

They even have their own pathetic excuse of an /i/ knockoff.

Just throwin' it out there.
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>>125 (OP) 
ugh fuck that place

i thought i added the url to the spamfilter tbh
>>125 (OP) 

I halfway want to remove the link, but since this is an /i/ board and you're requesting a call to arms, I'll allow it. 

Soyjak posting has become the new rage comic posting, and unfortunately, it's not nearly as funny. Everyone tries being political with it and it just kills anything funny they might have done.

Fortunately, there's not many people actively a part of the soyjak chan, and it hasn't really gotten bigger, so hopefully they either get bored or die off.
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>>125 (OP) 
I agree. Fuck them all.
the only good thing to come out of there is the soytard memes, those are fucking funny. 

goddamn bicycle head faggots
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lol where's the Habbo mod tools link at i wanna close the pool

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Why are they stooping to using "Crypto Scam" VPNs, whatever the fuck those are?
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beats me. this is the saddest thing I've seen since LOIC
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>implying LOIC is even comparable to this
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its the same shit tier larper skid trash
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