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Lived here in Spain for a while and I fucking love the food here.

One of my favorite things is Vermut, which is like a Spanish Lunch. I'll name off the foods in pic related:

>Fuet (Spanish Cured Sausage)
>Jamón (Spanish Cured Ham)
>Cocteil De Aceitunas (Cocktail of olives green and black, pearl onion, pickles)
>Queso Semicurado (Half-Aged Cheese, like more fresh and light than dense and stronk)
>Vermouth (Sweet Vermouth, they drink it typically with orange or olive with ice. Hence the name)
>Pan De Catalunya (Legit just bread with tomato smeared on it with olive oil and salt. Idk why I never thought to do that before)

Post your countries delicacies and tradmeals below
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Omkk i love jamon
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>>65 (OP) 
quit powertripping, nigger

I don't know how jschan works

i put ketchup on well done steak
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Yeah reasonable
Its the cocaine of all pork products.

Never quitting the powertrip. Also ketchup n wd steak is gormet Amerifat cuisine.
I'm not Polish, but I've always loved these. I'll drag and drop some more thingies as I find them.
Caveat: I am no chef, so I have to take the ChefTards at thier word. Your milage may vary.
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As an eastern european I appreciate this post.
omg i grew up eating these
as an Irishman, fuck yeah potato ravioli
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