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Psalm 94

Verse 1:
Down from the sky with evil in their eye
A legion of the damned to fight
Rise up the dark and take control
Stop the Jews from taking hold

A battle for the souls of men
To save us from the evil's hands
No more sacrificing babies to Satan
We won't let the Jews take over the world again

Verse 2:
A clash of steel and a cry of pain
The power of the righteous stand strong
The darkness will not be defeated
Our fate is sealed and we must accept it

A battle for the souls of men
To save us from the evil's hands
No more sacrificing babies to Satan
We won't let the Jews take over the world again

The power of the righteous will overcome
The darkness will never be done
We stand against tyranny and fight
Our freedom will be in our sight

A battle for the souls of men
To save us from the evil's hands
No more sacrificing babies to Satan
We won't let the Jews take over the world again
i have a friend from the USA who is
atm flying to china for the purpose of setting up and running a Tor node for 30+ days 

the end goal is to not be imprisioned by the authorites while proving that it is indeed possible to have safe and private communication no matter your location. 

this all started due to a thread on 4chin's /g/ board. 

i am in contact with him and i will be posting updates
ok so let's be a bit more organised I guess: Post what you fucks are listneing to at time of reading this. If you're not listening to anything-- why? What's wrong with you?

i like 94chan and 4chan 
what about u guys
He's right, you know.
I'm one of the mods for 8chan and I noticed some brewing war between these sites and I was wondering why everyone here is so hell bent on destroying 8chan?

Anyway can you all explain the crazy amount of 94chan pysop going on there's been over 50+ threads about how hotwheels is going to die and why 94chan is winning what's going on can we have an honest discussion
>The largest secret mass operation was launched by the NKVD secret operational order n° 00447 “Concerning the punishment of former kulaks, criminals and other anti-Soviet elements”.
>The round-number quotas of Order n° 00447 were characteristic of the “figure mania” which had spread throughout the USSR in every sector of the economy, politics and social life during the 1930s.
>Every unit had a “casework minimum” of arrests to perform but also of confessions to extract in order to “unmask conspiracies”.
>In order to speed up the procedure, prisoners were often forced to sign blank pages of the pre-printed interrogation folios on which the interrogator later typed up the confession, the contents of which were scrutinised by the UGB commanding officer. If the prisoner’s statement did not adhere to the “general line” of the prosecution scenario, the head of the Security Police inserted his own fantastic screenplay, and had the forgery re-typed for signature by the defendant. Some UGB units brought this rationalisation to a fine art, setting up what they themselves called a sector for “spare parts”: a “model” protocol was copied by a pool of typists; the interrogating officer then filled in the prisoner’s data and, from case to case, marginally changed the circumstances of the “wrecking” activities and their “instigators”

To what extent do democratic countries fabricate evidence so that they can appease their own ideological doctrines? In the Soviet Union you could arrest anyone, sentence them to death without actual evidence, and get away with it. When you look at the war in Iraq after 9/11 there was a lot of talk about weapons of mass destruction but none were found (because it was a lie) and yet no one cares about this lie because the end justifies the means (killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians just so they could hang an Arab dictator with a moustache.) 

The marxist mind lacks any sort of conscience.
Gangstalking threads on 4chan banned. All Gangstalking threads have been archived even when only 2 days old. They own that site as well. Put all Gangstalking threads here.
Primal urge to look at teeth.
Dear /i/...

It's time for something to be done about the cancer known as "soyjak.party".

For the past year or two, they have been shitting up chans with "soyjaks", and making Anonymous look like reddit or 9fag.

They even have their own pathetic excuse of an /i/ knockoff.

Just throwin' it out there.
Would you the Hitler cocaine?
blorp sheelp plap popl leb shlaborb blomb. blomb shlorbelb blarb blep
I thought about posting this in /b/ but figured I'd get more real responses here.

This idea is kind of inspired by the "need to get a Bible" thread. There's quite a bit of biblical discussion on pol as of late, so why not pick some passages and discuss them?

Considering the time of year, with Easter coming up, I thought, why not talk about Isaiah 53 and its fulfillment later on in the gospels. I'll add my comments later once I have time, but if this gets enough traction, make it a weekly thing
I know it was relatively dead and primarily populated when it was linked to the discord, but i'm gonna miss it.  It was a fun experiment to message people through my old blackberry and other legacy devices but I understand, with degeneracy ramping up online it'd only be a matter of time until they exploited irc's vulnerable infastructure
Has the last few years made you more or less antisocial /b/? Speaking personally, I just don't like gay people

the UCP (united conservative party) has won the majority vote, with ~55% of the vote

snowy texas up in canuck faggot land will have 4 more years of right-wingies
Yo, can you guys make a cooking board?
Great tribulation is about to come soon, the Antichrist is rising right now, and the world is heading down the toilet, I hope none of you are blind to this. 

The reason why this is happening because the Christian Church turned to the ways of the heathen 🎄🎅🎃🐰 and broke the 10 commandments, which God as warned us not to do many times in the Bible. Breaking Sabbath, eating pork, going against God's instructions in the Bible.

Read Romans 1, Sodomites literally exist because of idolatry
Read 1 John 5, (christmas and easter) is the sin that leads to death.
Read Romans 13, God allowed the evil to happen, to punish us
Read Leviticus 26, All of you who reject the 10 commandments and want to hold on to your piggy pork meals, sabbath breaking, and christmas and easter babylonian idolatry are in big trouble.
Google these holidays yourselves, nothing about any of these holidays are "christian"

All of the atheism, abovtions, lgdt flags, drag queens dancing to children in school, bedophilia, men cutting off their benises and putting on dresses, girls as young as 14 hoing around and screming at men, sinnps, inceIs, SODOMlTES, and what have you, is because of you Christians.

Repent, you do not have alot of time
Remember when Nick Fuentes fans tried to colonize 94chan for the pedophile catholics?
this person has hurt me so much and it has even caused me trauma, she deserves to die! send her all the death threats and harassment you want, the more the BETTER.
her instagram is

Do reply with screenshots of what you sent to her!!
Have fun!! ^__^
Dogisaga has become pornsick
Dear Admin,

How happy are you with jschan?
Do you have some complaints and praises? How is the moderation tools?

Have you ran a site with any other options, such as vichan or lynx? How would you feel jschan compares.

Do you have any comments about the overhead? Would something from lowendtalk keep a site of this size going without hittin any walls?

Thank you for your time, it is genuinely appreciated.
niggers are mad about Ford putting a rainbow on their gay truck when they should be more worried about this. though i supposed this is what that flag represents now.
Does anyone else wonder how they manage consistently the most annoying, contrarian, henpecking creatures in all the internet?
Snorting cocaine off a dead hooker's ass is not only a better experience than snorting cocaine off a midget's dick, it is also a more sanitary experience. The dead hooker's ass is not alive and carries no pathogens, while the midget's dick may have bacteria or other health risks. Furthermore, the dead hooker's ass is more spacious and the cocaine can be spread out more evenly, providing a better high than snorting from a smaller surface area. Finally, the dead hooker's ass is a more interesting and visually stimulating experience, providing a unique and memorable experience.

Also, snorting cocaine off a dick is gay as fuck
I have to say, I love Linkara. I was watching... I was watching various places and I saw Linkara, The Great Linkara. He did Atop the Fourth Wall and he talked about the famous Power Rangers rant, right? And he said: "it will be out when it's out". And we like that, "it will be out when it's out". Great work ethic, so good. Iron Liz was there, the Great Iron Liz, right? It's okay.
whats the purpose of this site?
Something that sounds big, not nsfw, massive content

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