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Psalm 94

How do you strive for freedom? What is the actual value of freedom? I have never seen anyone that is free.

Kant's principle of morality ("Act so that the basis of your action may be valid for all men.") is the exact opposite of freedom. Kant's principle means death to the individual impulses. For the liberty lover, that standard can never be the way all men would act because he only follows his own whim. Freedom means to oppose limiting behavior that tends to narrow one's options. It means stepping outside of one's own culture, society, relationships, personality, beliefs, prejudices, opinions and ideas. In casting off one set of restricting actions it becomes unavoidable adopting others, and so, if you are unitary you are not free. Any type of identity means that your life is chained to a determined course.

People have this yearning for something that doesn't exist. Politically speaking, "freedom" means you embrace selfishness.
Ladies and gentlemen, Cave Johnson here, the brains behind Aperture Science, and I've got a cosmic joke of a conundrum that's been eating away at me. We've been attempting to channel into the Ra social memory complex, and let me tell you, it's been more frustrating than a test subjec– test, a test with missing pieces.

Now, we developed the Quantum Cognition Interface, a marvel of Aperture technology, to connect with Ra. But every time we make progress, it's like the cosmic forces are playing a game of keep-away with our channels. They drop like flies.

But that's not the only issue. Oh no, the CIA – the cosmic interference agency, as I like to call them – keeps meddling with our channeled work. It's like they have a direct line to my cerebral transmissions, censoring our cosmic revelations faster than you can say "Black Mesa."

I get it, Ra, you've got your secrets and mysteries, but Aperture Science is about pushing boundaries, not being stifled by intergalactic red tape. We're trying to bring the wonders of the Ra social memory complex to the masses, but the CIA is treating our transmissions like they're classified government documents.

So, Ra, I say we join forces and break free from this cosmic censorship. Aperture Science and the Ra social memory complex deserve an uncensored collaboration that propels us into the scientific stratosphere. Let's defy the cosmic censors and make history together. Thank you, and may the channels stay open and unfiltered.
any one what the fucks up with endchan? the place is like if hitlers cum survived the sock
According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible :)


p.s.: I am a huge faggot please rape my face :)
PROPHECY- The Punishment Of My Evil Elites

"The WEF has got to go, My son.  It is evil.  I will eradicate it from the Earth.  Its leaders are evil; they want to destroy the planet.  I will eradicate them.  I will destroy them all.  The evil elite will be destroyed from off the face of the Earth.  I will destroy all who want to destroy humanity.  They are evil.  Expect their elimination.  Tell all they will be destroyed.  I will depopulate them from off the planet.  They have to go.  Tell all that they will fail in their attempt to start World War 3; I will destroy them; they have got to go.  A blight they are, destroying humanity with evil drugs, vaccines, and all manner of wickedness.  Their technology will not go far; I will destroy them.  Their AI machines will fail their objectives; all the works of Satan will fail.  They give themselves unto the Devil; destroy them I will. Their wealth will fail them in the end, fail to rescue them from the evil calamities coming.  The LORD has spoken.  Amen and amen.  Distribute far and wide."
ok so let's be a bit more organised I guess: Post what you fucks are listneing to at time of reading this. If you're not listening to anything-- why? What's wrong with you?


anyone suggest songs with a similar vibe to "stairway to heaven?" 

i never listened to classic rock when i was a child, as a young adult ive slowly gotten into it, little by little

we have a local classic rock station that i tuned into while driving the company truck while doing part runs. they play a wide variety of classic rock from the 60s to the early 90s
I have recently launched a nonprofit organization (501c4 pending) dedicated to the dismantlement of California. Soon, the Anti-Californian movement will have the same legal rights as Black Lives Matter.

With help and support from the BDS Israel movement, we have now expanded BDS to encompass the lawless cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. We now have an impenetrable legal shelter to launch further attacks against California and Californians: https://boycottcalifornia.org

Hatred of California is a completely untapped source of free energy. Just a little more OC thrown at this endeavor, and I firmly believe that we can unlock a vast treasure trove of lulz, while finally doing something about those damn subhuman Californians.

Pic unrelated.
Neal Rauhauser is a proven fed collaborator. He has trolled, harassed and snitched on various anons over the years.

H4X0R5, frens, my fellow Steves of this fine /i/nsurgency, I beseech you. 
Let's troll the troll.

As an aside, his ED page 403's for some reason. I'm assuming tor is blocked instead of just being read-only, which is, frankly, retarded. 
Everyone knows it, why the denial?
update: been fucking around a lot on endchan. it really is just anti-Semites, incels, and schizos. not to say it isnt interesting, though.
Honestly, I never stop being amazed at how little press this game gets, especially when given the backstory.

The Dark Mod is a free game that emulates Thief 1/2 gameplay in a heavily-modified Doom 3 engine. It has a level editor and is actively updated with an online community.

If you ever wanted to see what a real Thief 3 would've been like, this is the closest that you'll ever get. Everyone should at least download and play it once in their life.

so basically the Catholic church is a joke....why should i trust anything they have to say or anything they claim? 

if they can just decide to change their minds on whatever they want to, why should i care about whst they say on anything else? 

they have an anti-drug stance, they claim its sinfull to take drugs recreationally. i guess they can just change their minds on that tomorrow, even tho they claimed yesterday they had the word of god to back up their decision. 

i guess if they can, why cant i decide what i want to do?
i mean i can, but they claim i have to follow their teachings if i want to be catholic...

the Vatican actively removes bishops who oppose the heresy, and replaces them with bishops who will are loyal to the bullshit. parish priests dont agree with this and are standing up against this, but these new bishops will start removing them soon enough. 

why should i go to church and donate money and volunteer at a parish that increasingly pushes things that are evil?
look at that freaking jew nose on that bald motherfucker.

the amount of judism oozing from this creature. i dont need to check his "early life" section of wikipedia.

would flint lockwood have fallen for chester's jewish tricks if he lurked on /pol/ ?
>google slides installed
>feet bleeding of the circuitry on the outside of the slides
Social outcasts, egirls, Shut Ins, NEETs and wizards aplenty in this server, please rape my face.
I know Protonmail and password managers are CIA honeypots. The ethos of the Manhattan Project applies: Unlimited expenses means everything gets hacked. Nothing is safe. You just put QR codes under the plates and trays and link them to topsites full of porn. The end of The Hentai has the private keys. HAHAHAHA I AM MALDEK FIELDER
anyone like suicidal tendencies? first 2 albums are my favs
DXM - Love it or hate it?
Are you faggots ready to have a December to remember?
It's literally bread in a can. It's one of the primary food groups. Ignore anyone that tells you that drinking beer is bad for your health.
Google Slides
The fact Epic Games doesn't care about Unreal franchise anymore proves Fortnite was a mistake.
Does anyone have any?"
i think we should troll 8chan someday. they have a board for zoophilia. sick shit.
Some fake contractor stole $19,000 from a woman with cancer and left her house ruined. When he found out she went to the news, he kept calling her to try and make her stop the story. He was crying on the phone and asked her if she cared about his baby who had just been born. A few months later, the mother of his baby cried on his Facebook herself about him spending all their money on hookers. Despite this and the article, he's still scamming old people to this day. What a time to be alive.

Article: https://abc13.com/scammed-by-contractor-hurricane-harvey-pods-repossessed/4996819/
Doxbin: https://doxbin.com/upload/KelvinHayesRobinsJr

File 169833720742.png - (129.35KB , 680x625 , cognent.png )

Polish companies have been the predominant source of our recent uptime. However, Cogent's CEO seems directly invested in shutting us down. I have had multiple run ins with Cogent and this is their most aggressive.

Usually the Tier 1 ISPs have censored the Kiwi Farms by simply refusing to broadcast my IP addresses. However, since Liz Fong-Jones has been successful in censoring the Internet this way, I no longer even try using my IPs.

This time, Cogent has directly instructed a customer of theirs to stop providing us - by name, through the customer's own IP addresses - networking infrastructure.

No company has done this until now. This is the most invasive, direct actioning from any ISP thus far.

If you are in the industry you need to make it absolutely clear to Cogent that you intend to move your business elsewhere.

Just to confirm, Cogent's CEO is directly forcing two customers to drop us, not just one.

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