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💼 /94/ - site meta discussionSite suggestions, love letters to the staff, etc1447728 minutes ago
/b/ - randomnow with 300% more shitposting!07463712 hours ago
/pol/ - politicsTake the red pill, anon.04413111 hours ago
💼 /ck/ - cookingor jus food000456 days ago
💼 /x/ - paranaturalthen who was phone????000415 days ago
/rx/ - drugslmao weed000353 days ago
💼 /vg/ - vidya gaemDo a barrel roll000331 week ago
/i/ - NYPAI'm behind 7 proxies, better buy some dog curtains000222 days ago
/m/ - musicLet's be honest, we only listen to Death Grips000181 day ago
/k/ - kommandoBoogaloo Boomsticks00056 days ago
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