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post old image macros and viral funnies
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<~x-d> ok im gettin on my bike
<~x-d> headin to adelaide
<~x-d> ill bb in cpl days
<~x-d> need to make the club awarte this kids been dropping our name
oh no, services are suddenly down
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My oldest meme, spotted and stolen in 06
newfag thread
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ITT: newfags
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im not new iv been here since before summer lul
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This meter is detecting that you are indeed an insecure newfag yourself.

The very  first OS you ever used is probably Win7 so sit down you little niglet
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coping newfags
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you really hate yourself don't you?
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cope newfag
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lol that's what your mom says too
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You're kind of annoying
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projection is newfag strategy
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repeating yourself too, babe
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bruh ive been on the internet since like 2000 are you on crack
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what a day a newfag thread exists
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no u
>t. newfag
as expected
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swing and a miss there champ
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tie your shoes, newfag

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST tie your dick to a tree and jump

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lul fuck off fed
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no u

go back to bed kirt
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kirt sleeps on the floor like dogs do
im not kirtaner, he's a delusional communist pedo tranny.
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Don't talk shit about communism like that. We disavow him too.
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Also trans people also disavow him.
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also also also
according to your ip you're not the guy I was talking to either
>newfag thread is till up
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make a better thread, retard
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stop bitching and do it yourself.
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Who do you think made all of the boards, retard?
Last edited by homicide
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i mean sure, so whats a thread or two.
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I also made this thread :(
why does it look like a foam science experiment doe?
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