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Can you even call such chan, a "chan"??? 

PS: enable poster's flag on the upcoming /biz/ please? It is such a basic security mechanism. Also I want to acknowledge that mods here are handsome, intelligent, good with money, showered with luck, and in long lasting happy relationship with their spouses, wish you all the best.
>>867 (OP) 
>It is such a basic security mechanism. 
Nigga what.
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Think of flag as a border wall, it gives extra layer of security for us and extra workload for scammers. For example, no one would be interested in some $POOCOIN that's being shilled by some pajeet, no, that pajeet then has to use vpn to masks his flag to establish some kind of cred to it. That extra workload helps reduce the amount of pajeets shilling up the board therefore increasing the level of board security
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>>867 (OP) 

god hates flags
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Everyone uses a VPN, flags wouldn't even give you that slightest idea of where the fuck people are at.

But if you like flags, here's a collection of flags for you babeee
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>>867 (OP) 
lol what
>degenerate 41% tranny mental illness flags
get out nigger
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cry u little closet faggot bitch
what is the best altchan /biz/?
i need monie
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i dunno man but it aint gonna be here
>>867 (OP) 
I'm a big ol gay and I love dicks in my ass
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sir this is a Wendy's
why not, op?
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