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Hello <3
I hope you guys are having a nice day.
Let me tell you about myself.
I'm a fag that takes between 4 to 12 BBCs each day, you can say that I'm in the top league of fags. There are very few fags like me. 
I like faggy things alot. I like faggy handbags, faggy pants, faggy shirts, faggy movies etc
And this chan looks perfect to me. Because it looks gay as shit. I've never seen a website more gay and faggy in my life.
The theme is literally GAY!
Therefore I would like to thank the admins for this faggy place.
As a fag, I feel right at home!
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Thanks bro, we're proud to be the gayest chan on the internet
Welcome to the FagCenter
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>>315 (OP) 
Damn bro u samefagging while circlejerking yourself

what subreddits you go to
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Maybe if you didn't disable the namefield this chan would have more than 1 user and i wouldn't need to samefag
t. lobbyboi
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not sure if vpn or actual sand nigger
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forced anon has been the way since the beginning

lurk moar, summerfag
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You can't stop me from identityfaging.
t. lobbyboi
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we appreciate you even if you're annoying
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there's 16 accounts registered and this one has admin why would i need the other 15 more (im not including the default admin account cause i baleeted it)
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That's pretty nice and caught me a bit by surprise. Maybe it's time to drop the name.
WTF stop hoarding all the accounts
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no how will i shitpost then
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Actually, our official flag is this

40% of the internet is censored and blocked in Iran.
 Why would someone create a VPN based in Iran? And what faggotretardnigger would use that VPN? To have less access to the internet? 🤦‍♂️🤪
Hence, you're
Hence, you're an idiot.****

I hate having big thumbs, they're only good for fingering and nothing else.
I keep tapping on random buttons because of these
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Those thumbs are better suited far up your ass and not for typing on an imageboard, you imbecile
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I have your IP. I'm coming for you. You better hide.
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