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Bow down to the victor and to the victor comes the spoils. Nike is undefeated and undefeatable, except when Jesus defeated her to escape Hades, but that makes Nike Jesus' bottom bitch. You better be all about Jesus bottom bitch or else you're probably going to lose .

Victory in Jesus, my savior forever, he sought me, and bought me, with his redeeming blood!
I'm not sure what to make of this.

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I'm sazpaimon

Nike is the Goddess of Victory, the only acceptable wife of Christ. Kneel before her majesty and win everything in life through Jesus
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Oh look, another heaven's gate kind of cult.
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Just do it™️

Christianity isn't a cult
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It is, your mom's butthole is a cult too.
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I'll show your mom's butthole a good time
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Your sister?
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That makes you my daughter. Good job
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Yes, come suckle at my teet of victory an glory
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nike sounds based ngl
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Seriously, if you don't want to read through the illiad to find where she's based, there's plenty of literature about her to show how awesome she is. Only good female god
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