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beemp bep
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Sexy sexy
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I've had 2 or 3 e39ers
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i feel like that's when they just started looking like other cars and it sucks. e34 is probably my favorite style cause it mine tho
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Not gonna argue with you on that one, but mechanically it's very identical with the e34, same 6 cyl or v8 engines more or less.
Only the exterior differs from yours
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Bought it off the showroom floor and was car-poor for a few years because of it. Such a fun car though, stick shift, pioneer sound, huge moonroof, etc. Had to sell it just before it would have been paid off though, due do a baby on the way. Shit sucked.
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Never let a baby decide what you should keep driving.

Also nice ride
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Yeah, lesson learned. I've been driving a boring ass nissan rogue for 11 years now. fuckin thing can barely make it up the hill to the good hiking spots around where I live.
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What you need is an Audi RS6 station wagon, you'll be the first one to arrive at every hiking spot.
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A station wagon? Come on, man. I'm thinking my next vehicle will be something like pic related.
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If suvs or otherwise 4x4 cars fit your needs, I'd go for an actual land cruiser or something american, like this
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The problem is, a new truck is like 70 grand these days. It also seems like it'd be a pain in the ass to drive around all the time in something with a wheel base that long. My budget would be 30-40k, because that's all the cash I have and no way in hell am I going back to having a month car payment. 
Although, the cybertruck looks cool.
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I noticed, the truck I posted was listed at $72k, way above any ordinary person's budget.

You'll get a neat car that has what you're looking for with your budget anyway, just take your time and consider different options.

As for the cybertruck, don't let yourself be the beta testers all tesla owners were then Tesla S first came out, wait for 2nd gen at least
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The beta testers all tesla owners were when*  autocorrect godammir
Yeah my understanding is many Tesla owners regret buying one once the novelty wears off. Besides, I own a bunch of battery powered lawn stuff and just keep them charged is already a pain in the dick. I would imagine the range of any electric car is probably significantly less than advertised. Like when you buy a computer with advertised 2TB disc space, but whoops the operating system takes up half of it.
anyone know what's up with the sudden resurgence of popularity in 90s cars in the past couple years?

it can't just be the processor shortage, unless that's been a problem for longer than I've been aware of it, which is entirely possible
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There are also problems with the supply chain for resins used to make interiors, and rubber for tires. Not sure about the rest of your post.
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oh, oil stuff, that jives.

the only station wagon worth driving is a Dodge Magnum
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True fact, I used to be in a high school screamo band that had a song titled: "Sports Cars Are For Pussies, Wagons Are For Men".
If that is the only station wagon you have driven, then how can you be so sure?

hur dur
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does a hearse count

fun to drive*
station wagons are as low status as minivans, to me. A high powered station wagon would be like big tits on a tranny, comical but useless.
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well if it's a manual tranny at least it'll last longer
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Your opinion about the matte is what's conical.
You're clearly not someone who appreciates a sleeper  car, because you ride with your dick out.
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My opinion about the matte is indeed conical.
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perhaps it is more metallic than matte
My reasoning is anything made after 2000 is built to break down so you spend more money. Big fan of 90s cars, theyre the last generation of good reliable cars that dont look identical to the pieces of shit you see nowadays that base every design ever off of dodge chargers.
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You're making a fairly good point there.
Cars made after the 90s are completely soulless.
Like this abomination, cars equivalent to gingers
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tbf that car did attract a certain type of customer. For example, a 450lb shebeast at my work drives one.
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Imagine her in a mad max movie, driving the very same car although in a slightly more apocalyptic manner.

pontiac ass tech
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there's at least one in my town still. dont ask me why
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I didn't know there were special tents for the Aztek till I stumbled across this 10 seconds ago
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its to match the capacity of the owner's cavernous vagina
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>tfw only pic, and have no license
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nice chevy bro
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u are a nigger
yeah mine's been suspended for like idk almost a decade

just move to a dui state
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