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> Be me
> In the past few days, having daily stress, fits of rage, bad dreams, deep sadness, and a troubling time accepting that i am not going to get with my crush.
> Ask friends and family for advice
> Mild Comfort
> Fuck it
> Decides to unadd my crush on snapchat because it made me sad to even see her name.
> hesitation.jpg
> sees that she has not looked at my text for 3 weeks
> Unadds her
> I did it.
> A wierd feeling flows through me, Im still sad that she doesnt like me, but I don't have to try or worry anymore. 
> Bittersweet feeling
> Finally, I can go for someone else
> Realizes that I dont need a crush to feel loved because of all my good friends.
> Feeling a lot better
> Enjoying hobbies more
> Wants to share experience with others to help people in the same sitatution.
> Goes to VoidChan.
> Feeling relief for letting this of my chest.

> Im starting to feel so much better, Like i just delt with the aftermath of a disaster. I can heal, so can you.
We're not voidchan, retard.
>>2727 (OP) 
Not your personal shrink, nigger
>>2727 (OP) 
Fuck you.
>>2727 (OP) 

kill yourself faggot
>>2727 (OP) 
>> sees that she has not looked at my text for 3 weeks
Thats pathetic bro.
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>>2727 (OP) 
Not reading all that shit
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