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So in light of all the stupidity happening within the government, I feel like we need a new system. What I am proposing, is that we remain a republic, however, if there are any objections to a law being passed, at all, we have combat to determine the outcome. 

For instance, Nancy Pelosi wants to pass a law that allows abortion up to the 30th trimester, when the law is proposed, it is given a yay or nay vote. If anyone objects, then they shall compete in an MMA match to determine if the bill becomes law. 

Now, a certain amount of times a year, you may nominate a champion to fight in your place, I'm going to say, 3. The winner decides the law and in order to overturn it, we would need to have a "battle" where there would be 1 vs 3 to overturn.
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>>2341 (OP) 
I'm for it. Is it clean fighting or can weapons be used? What about death scenarios? Would law apply to prosecute that or would it just be part of the process?
>>2341 (OP) 
Pelosci vs Palin

round 1, FIGHT
>>2341 (OP) 
is necromancy against the rules? Can we just reanimate FDR to slap a bitch every time they try and sign a shitty bill
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