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Psalm 94

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How to make this gain 6 digit traffic.

I ve seen alot of sketchs with alot of traffic. So.
this w ill be longer since Espec ially in wasted garbage trashbag 100 point s c artoon, vector kind of things... motherfuckers  into garbages and,  useless materials correctly.. .. .    Is there mathemathics   You kept, refractions and reflections in translucent object. 

Draw Spider-Man  ever y   3 seconds because you And technically  all  surface are, thwres actually infinite reflection in something??? 
Pretty be gold sud den sorry i need to make so Is this correct? this  pictureon    this conversation? You? braind eads just disa ppearedmotions I m bye stupid pretty sure i remain unsatsifying, unreliable, and unconnectable didnt ask any simple rule to animating
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Please. Seriously.
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..., like how   make better ko-fi of pŕecise content...
how can

if you'r selling...... some "art"""..... maybe especially like whatever talent customs expecti delivered? ....what are the perspectives in quality on regard of whatever is errbehing the scne i guess....

.. will all be gold sudden...
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>>279 clearly you havent programmed your AI to be politely helpful.
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I programmed it to be like you
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Maybe you can start by programming yourself. 

Also i just answered you, properly, so you should add that feature if you actually uh, give a fuck.
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....................... . . .  . sketchs with alot . .. ...........................
I think he's trying to say that you need to ask your question less like a retarded person and actually outline something more concrete than "x views"
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that, and also that his vague requests range from "do my homework" to "make this literally impossible thing happen, now"
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Well yes, but it would help if he was less aggravatedly retarded about it
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...would it, though?
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I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, even when they're trying tunnel out of prison using only headbutts
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>>284 he can outline it for me if he actually know
>>285 what impossible. It's a homework so it's possible isn't it
>>286 you arent exactly having more fun anymore here
>>287 always nice to get a happy ear
>>288 goddamn shawshank
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No no. You are asking for help. You need to outline it exactly what the fuck you're trying to do.
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xan use to maybe languahes; from basic to c#, factory software... So.
It's clear enough: some things sell alot out there. And any less means shit. I don't know what you are confused about.
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You said traffic, not money. Two different things, racecar.
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this is not a charity
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>>293 dang. Whats the difference these days.
Arent you glad i even bothered to reply you.
Nvm. Let the mod take care 
>>294 i am not buying (your) shit, excuse moi
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>Whats the difference these days
Hmm, fair.

>Arent you glad i even bothered to reply you. Nvm. Let the mod take care

Thanks, but I wont be taking your advice. Have fun with your tunnel.
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>>296 the hell is this
Nice confuse post. You should get reported too
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What part of this is hard?

These are all me.

I operate the server that runs this imageboard.

I've tried to be nice but I'm kind of getting sick of this Indonesian dumbfuckery so if you could shut the fuck up and get off my wife's website instead of acting like we owe you literally anything, that would be fucking superb.

Figure it out yourself. Thread closed.
Mod posting in a locked thread lolololol
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