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Psalm 94

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Hi, so the latest news post is gonna be a divisive thing, I'm sure, but since Kirtaner is being a dumbfuck and dragging me into his beef with IHM, I've disabled tor, as he is documented as having posted CP to attack people before.

Anonymizer file posting is disabled.
The DNSBL is on.

If you don't want us having your IP address that's cool, we don't log shit. Unlike Kirtaner, weev, feem, bonzi_b, Ian, moot, Partyvan, and probably countless other irrelevant people from 2008, we're not fed informants.

If you have a problem with any of the above, or have any creative solutions that take more than 5 minutes to circumvent, feel free to reply.
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>>90 (OP) 
nuke canada and hope kirt goes with it
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unfortunately he was last seen shivering on the streets of Philly
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Nuke Philly then (and nothing of value will be lost)
>posted CP
not really surprising sadly
It's interesting to know the type of fighting and bitching each other from 2008 is going on strong for him and other

also loli ban when
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Loli is illegal federally in the US, so yeah.
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Not sure what any of that means but I'm down with all canadians being mercilessly raked.
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tldr MUH PRIVACY rights have been suspended due to aids.
Due to current events I turned tor posting back on
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