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Psalm 94

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Requesting /k/ and also requesting that an .onion address for this site be made.

Be more Tor-friendly, nigger.
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>>334 (OP) 
We have a >>>/k/ it's just hidden.
Also, tor has done nothing but allow retards to shit on the board.
No .onion ever.
I'm posting from Tor right now, lol.

An .onion address just makes it faster to connect, and adds more layers to make it even harder for the feds to run traffic analysis.

You fags are obviously pretty new, and don't really understand how Tor works.
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You guys come off as a small tight-knit community of retarded faggots, but this place is pretty comfy. 

I may stay a while.
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Thanks, IHM has owned this board since 2008 and I married her and that defaulted me to being the sysadmin so it's pretty mom and pop as that sorta thing goes.

Nah, sorry. Word is some faggot mirrored our shit on an .onion back when we put the site back up so torfags once again ruin things for everyone.

For what its worth, IPs are cloaked in the backend by default and regularly pruned. The only time I do anything that could be considered looking at them is to see if it returns as Tor or "dicksuck cambodian DCH that nobody will care about being rangebanned for an arbitrary amount of time" for posting invite links to telegram slut clubs, but I assure you I smoke enough weed that I can barely keep track of what day it is much less every goddamn exit node that's already probably listed on like 300 different git repos

There are some exit nodes that get banned pretty regularly due to whoever has the botnet that posts degenerate shit along the lines of the long winded scenario referenced above and your typical handful of dedicated assholes, but generally you shouldn't have to cycle through too many routes in a given 24 hours

all that aside, the global rules are written to be easy to not fuck up so have fun if you decide to lurk
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This is literally IHM you're talking to. Of course she doesn't actually know how Tor works. Or the internet. Or computers in general.
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you sure told 'em, seven months after anyone last gave a shit
sounds like she's doing bretty gud
Fact check yourself nigger
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eat y'self fitter?
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Quit shitposting on the srs board, modfag
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:( meanie
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