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Psalm 94

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Soon to be addressed, we're switching hosts soon as well. I've been angry at them awhile now for bending the knee.
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Oh didn't expect a reply.
You can use DDoS-Guard if you are being attacked constantly but i don't think this site is enough popular to being attacked 24/7 also expensive at this moment (100$/month)
I think there is some Layer 7 protection for nginx/openresty if you are using it.
That's what faggot Null uses for layer 7 protection.
Maybe you can protect IP backend using some sort of cheap vps as proxy.
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I might use Tom's ddos protection too, depends on which one will work better as we have been targeted before by rather hefty botnets. Thanks for the link/suggestion, I'll have a look. :)
Thanks for spoilering the dix and gore on /b/
Thanks for spoilering the dix and gore on /b/
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NP I wasn't sure whether to just ban or not, but yeah, that shit isn't going to fly here. Figure as a warning we would spoiler it first then start banning
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I've been debating banning the gore but it wasn't like that gory if it makes sense and luckily no more has been posted. If it gets worse then yes I'm gonna ban it, that stuff is creepy.
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