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Psalm 94

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Starting now, we no are longer accepting or allowing board requests for the following reasons:

/fringe/ was a shitshow and made >>>/x/ redundant, so please take your schizoposting there.

>>>/k/, >>>/ck/, were requested and barely used
>>>/m/ is a fucking ghost town back on the board list
>>>/vg/ feels like the Epic Games store (but with worse deals
>>>/rx/ is comatose and I know half you fucks aren't sober just fine as it is

Expect some rejiggering of the boards.

Any blogging or butthurt about this goes in this thread. Anywhere else and I range ban your entire country.
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So if I complain on /b/ about no pro wrestling boards, you'll ban america from posting? 

Replies: >>222

Why not, Israel already is
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Replies: >>223 >>246

Israel is part of the JEWNIVERSE, America is based
nuke the jews not the music. justice for /m/
Replies: >>225
They still exist, they're just hidden.
Replies: >>226

UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH How about autoplaying your podcast appearances?
Replies: >>228 >>229
you can post those on /b/ if you want but autoplay hasn't worked in a useful way in like a decade :(
Replies: >>230

I shall get on it. Autoplay in the background for browsing /b/ right up
Pls delete /pol/, you're attracting the mentally brainwormed to our awesome site.
Replies: >>232
half the fun of running an imageboard is retards calling retards retarded

I'm pretty sure you can hide boards and shit in the settings panel in the top right or in the overboard at the very least
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Since its not looking too hot for Kiwifarms atm, I've reinstated /cow/ - please note that it's an SFW board so please spoiler any gross uploads

also, /cow/ is about information sharing, not action, so if you're gonna larp some gayops, use /i/.
Replies: >>237
Why did you hide /i/?
Replies: >>238 >>239
it's just temporary since the entire internet seems to have lost their shit
Temporary. I'm trying to see if /cow/ takes off.
Replies: >>240
You should promote /i/ more than /cow/ frankly, because the internet is a drought of such boards. /cow/ is mostly over at AlogSpace anyway, and I don't see why they'd be moving anytime soon.
Replies: >>241
nobody is trying to make anyone move. if people post, they post.

>>>/i/ is plenty visible for those who care enough to look for it right now.
Replies: >>242
>who care enough for it
I still think we should focus on getting more eyes on it.
Replies: >>243
Granted. Fuck Keffals.
Replies: >>245 >>246
We did! Check the news posts.
banners suck now. What happened to the good banners??
We've only added more banners, original banners still exist. I love banners so feel free to make more.
Feel free to contribute
Literally haven't removed any. User error, ticket closed.
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wow, rude
Replies: >>318
ikr its hard to beat raw arutistic talent like this
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here, have a fucking bespoke banner catering to your own personal tastes
a board where we pretend to be on an imageboard way back in the day. 
Ie, pretend to be on /b/ in 2008. Any references to post-2008 anything are prohibited. I think this would be fun.
Replies: >>384 >>385

you don't know what fun is
Replies: >>386 >>387

Save the hardass shit for the nsfw boards, thanks.
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I'm surprised you guys ran with cloudflare, considering the allegations of them essentially serving as a shell company for the NSA, allowing them to essentially MiTM practically the whole net
Replies: >>405 >>406 >>407
Also, make this a banner if you want. It'd be ironic and help spread a dose of healthy skepticism
fun fact: even with cloudflare we got ddosed so hard one time we got nullrouted
I see a light shining out of a bent over butt in those clouds
Replies: >>408
why are you like this
Replies: >>409
sundry and assorted misfortunes
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